Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blessings and Remembrances of 2008

Rather than recount all of the fun and adventure I have had this year, I just want to celebrate a year gone by. I am so thankful for the gifts I have been given in abundance. I am thankful for the growth I have experienced as a person, as a wife and as a Christian. I am thankful for the troubles we have seen each other through, all of us.
Thank you, friends, for sticking by me when I needed you, and thank you for calling on me when you needed someone.

There were sad stories and funerals.
There were rejoices and weddings.
Friends getting engaged or having babies (different friends).
Growing my appreciation for Grags through our mutual obsession with Harry Potter.
Planning for the future with Bradley.
Learning more about beer, and studying wine together.
Growing closer to our church family.
Auditioning for a play (and making it).
Surviving the first year of marriage! (They say it is the hardest, so we are in the clear!)

I welcome 2009 with open and well-rested arms. Hopefully, in a year's time, I will be blogging about our new home and the joy and frustration it brings!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

!*!*!Merry Christmas!*!*!

Hello All!

Just a quick update on life as it was, is and ever shall be.

Alex is not coming home for Christmas; he is staying in New York with his girlfriend. Long story short, she couldnt go home to see her family, so he stayed with her. For some selfish reaosn, my first reaction was anger (really, I'm not sure), but I now see that it is perfectly precious of him. Smart, too, because travel is so expensive, but it will be nice for them to spend time alone, together for the holidays.

Brad and I will also get a small bit of private Christmas. The folks are traveling to Louisiana for a weekend, so we can snuggle and drink hot cocoa alone. And maybe try out some of our new presents. (Don't tell him, but I got Brad [whispers]... he will love that, right?)

We will celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary next Monday, the 29th. Wow. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday, and other days it seems like years ago. We are having dinner at Pappas Steakhouse as our last splurge in a VERY long time. We have been doing so unofficially, but in January we are officially saving up for a house!! Please pray for those endevaors, as it will not be easy.

We are also going to go see "Spring Awakening" in January - SQUEE! We have already paid for them, so they wont count as a January splurge. I cannot wait! I fell in love with that show the moment I heard "Touch Me" on Broadway radio. I really hope Brad likes it.

Speaking of shows, I was recently cast in "Working: the Musical", with music by Stephen Schwartz. It is being produced at ACE Theatre, which is partially run by Rachel's folks. There is no one in the show that I really know (other than Wayne directing), but a few are familiar. Oh well, new friends. I haven't sung on stage in years. Come to think of it, I haven't acted on stage in years, unless you count that puppet show for the Texas Children's Hospital... and I don't... The show goes up in April, so if you are in Houston during April, feel free to come on out. I didn't get the super-fun song I wanted, but I get to sing two pretty songs.

I got the see Morgan for the first time in a year, and finally meet Andy, this past weekend! Can you believe it had been a year?!? I had not seen her since my wedding. And now we are planning hers! Andy is fun and funny, of course. Nice deep, baritone/bass voice. I am looking forward to hearing him sing, but I didn't really want to ask him while walking downtown. They are having an engagement party next week, but Brad most likely has to work. Bugger.

The only real downer right now (in my immediate future) is New Year's Eve. [sigh] Kelly and James will be in Dallas for that stupid party, and Morgan and Andy will be in Dallas at Andy's family ranch. Brad will be workign, and my dad has to work the next morning, so it will probably end up being me and my mom, watching chick flicks with a bottle of wine. Yes, that does sound delightful, but for NYE you want something a little loud or crazy, you know? NYE never seems to work that way for me, though. Fun, usually, but not the big party I picture. Maybe ever. [again, sigh]

I wrote out a "family newsletter" for us (stop rolling your eyes - rude!), but I still haven't mailed them... because I'm Allison... so oh well, they will arrive late.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe Holiday!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Michael Welch

Whoa. Seriously, whoa.

I used to love watching "Joan of Arcadia" when it was on, and I still watch the DVDs. The Girardi family is so fun and real. The script and plot were new and interesting to me. And I would never have thought about little, nerdy Luke Girardi as anything more than "cute".

However, I was puttering around on IMDB (as I am wont to do), and I followed an odd trail. There is a trailer out for X-Men Origins: Wolverine (squee), and I was looking up the cast. Hmm, I said to myself, who is Will.I.Am.? So I clicked on him. Apparently he is in Black Eyed Peas, but also played a 'God' in Joan of Arcadia once. Well I'll be darned, say I, and I hop on over to JoA. And I see a familiar face looking up at me.

This handsome young fellow, who was in a sufficiently creepy and amazing episode of SVU and in the new Twilight movie, was in fact also Luke Girardi!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Love is in the Air (HBP)

Welcome to the Romantic phase of Harry Potter. Prepare for...(drumroll)...TEEN ANGST AND HORMONES!

Friday, December 5, 2008


I had to deal with the most ridiculousness that si Comcast, and it is going to cost WAY too much to install the internet stuff at home.
I had trouble sleeping.
I felt sick when I woke up.
I have been grumbling all day.
And now I have to sit in this stupid hour-long meeting training me to do something I dont want to do.

Grrr... stupid day. Hopefully it will get better.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today is STAND Fast!
This is it: a day when people all over the world will be giving up luxury items and with the money they saved, giving it STAND Fast. Three dollars will protect one Darfuri woman from being raped for a month. Five dollars will protect a whole family in Eastern Burma. What better way to celebrate Beedle the Bard coming out tomorrow than by participating an event as part of a Dumbledore's Army for the real world?! For questions please email
Oftentimes, it feels like a huge barrier separates us and those who are most vulnerable. Let's treat such a barrier as if it were no more than the barrier at Platform Nine and Three Quarters when Wizards tread before it. Let's walk through that barrier and connect with people across the world who need our support. People who need to know that their plight is being witnessed. And that we won't stop fighting for them.
Let us send our love through this barrier today and fund the protection of these people's lives. Please give today at
Also, if you buy a copy of the Wizard Rock comp Jingle Spells today all the proceeds are going to STAND Fast.
Click here if you want to listen to the podcasts on STAND Fast. Click here to watch a video on what others are giving up.
Thank you so deeply. Let's renew our spirits and the spirit of this world. Let's do what we can for STAND Fast. Thank you and may the Fawkes Be With You,
Andrew SlackHarry Potter Alliance

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Wish List

I posted a blog last August with a random wish list. I was reading it, and it really made me smile. Mainly because one of the things on this list was tickets to Disney World, because I missed it. I posted that on August 10, 2007, and on August 10, 2008 Brad and I arrived in Orlando for the trip of our lives! How fun is that?!?

Now, onto more current matters. People, mostly family, have been passing around "wish lists" for Christmas, so I decided I would post a few things here for fun. Here goes:
*Mini Fridge
*Gift Cards (Disney, Express, Pappas, iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, World Market, Chipotle, Red Robin, etc)
*House DVDs - we owned Season 4, but it was stolen when my folks' house was robbed. So any season of House, really...
*Harry Potter movies - I only own "Order of the Phoenix" (5)
*Beedle the Bard
*"We Are Wizards" documentary DVD (find here)

Or things that make me laugh.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

WDW: The Highest Concentration of Joy in the World

I receive a weekly letter with tips for Disney World goers, and I love it. The hvae also been keeping up with reports of The Year of a Million Dreams. I read this one, and I literally almost got tears in my eyes, because this was not about a grand prize from the corporation that is Disney. This story is about a random act of kindness that kind of "paid it forward".

"I was staying at Wilderness Lodge during September and met a couple on their honeymoon. They had made no advanced dining reservations and since it was during the free dining plan promotion there were none to be found. I had some reservations for the Beach Club's Cape May Cafe and I asked the concierge to switch them to this couple's name. I explained that my family and I could get a Quick Service meal somewhere else. The concierge smiled, asked me and my daughter to wait, and got her a colorful wildlife conservation pin. When my daughter politely asked if she could please get one for her big brother because he liked animals, the concierge returned not only with a pin for him but an extra special Tinker Bell pin for my daughter for being so thoughtful. So not only was the honeymoon couple thrilled to have a beautiful dinner out, my kids were so excited with their special pins and wore them every day the rest of the trip. Truly magical!"

Monday, November 24, 2008

Carlisle Cullen, the 'drunk jock'

I knew that I recognized the actor who play Dr Carlisle Cullen in the movie Twilight, but I could not place him. So I looked him up; thanks, IMDB!

This guy, this compassionate doctor, this gorgeous man who loves and fears God... played by the same guy who was the drunk, cocky, idiotic jock is Can't Hardly Wait!

Funny? Yes, I do believe it is!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where the Church and I stand on opposite sides of the Fence

OK, "The Church", let me get a few things straight. You think it is immoral to teach people how to protect themselves and prevent multiple pregnancies in a nation with an unbearable population growth problem?

...look, I know we don't always see eye to eye on everything, and we accept one another anyway in the name of the Lord, but what in the Sam Hill are you thinking?!?

The Roman Catholic church has deemed it "immoral" to "establish a national family planning program [in the Philippines] that would include sex education and advice on birth control".

Yeah, you're right. It is much more moral to allow the population to grow out of control, causing thousands of children to starve and to resort to seedy means to earning.

Way to go, "The Church". Thanks for making us all look bad... again.

Friday, November 14, 2008

So Far, Best Birthday Ever!

OK, I know it is only 8:30am on my bday, but technically the fun started yesterday. I had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with my family - yum! Everything was delicious. Brad gave me presents at the restaurant. Guys, he did so well! He got me the Sports Nights 10th Anniversary Edition boxset, which I blogged about months ago. it has new interviews, gag reels, lots of fun stuff. He also got me an iTunes gift card, bc he wasnt sure what CD to buy. He tried to find Raining Jane, which just shows how well he listens. He also picked out two beautiful long-sleeved tops from Express; one deep teal and the other black and pink with a big fleur-de-lis on the front. Way to go, Bradley!

My folks gave me a $50 DISNEY gift card! SWEET!!

After dinner, Brad and I wandered over to Del Friscos Double Eagle Steakhouse in the Galleria. It has been there close to a year, but we dont get to that side of town as much anymore. It is GORGEOUS on the inside! The ambience was incredible, and their wine list is really impressive. We sat at the bar for a drink. Our waiter, Joe, came over and decided to tell us everything there si to know about that restaurant. I mean that in a good way; we were not bored. We had lots of questions and such. Joe asked if we has seen the upstairs bar yet (where they have TVs), and we hadnt. He said, "Come on up there and check it out; I'll buy you a drink." So of course we went up there. It is also beautiful, but a bit more of a fun attitude. And the Cosmo was ssttrroonngg, but yummy. So if you feel like a fun drink, or an expenisve and worthy steak, check out Del Friscos. If you sit in the bar, make sure and ask for Joe - he will take great care of you!

So then this morning I woke up pretty hungry. In our office, we have a Breakfast Club, so every Friday a few people bring enough yummy for everyone in the group. I was kind fo grumbling in the car that "there had better be something good, because I am really hungry today". Well, one of the guys who brought for everyone brought a special breakfast for me for my birthday! he heard me talking to someone yesterday abotu how I hadnt had a bagel Dog (from Einstein Bros) in AGES, so he went there and got me one PLUS a fruit-topped muffin thing. It smelled SO GOOD in my cubicle this morning! So I had special yummy this morning.

**Grags just sent me the iTunes album Jingle Spells, which is all Wizard Rock Christmas music!!**

Wish me luck tonight - Howl At The Moon is gonna be fun!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sad Songs

A friend of mine (and I use the term loosely because, if we were to run into each other in public, we would probably do that “I think I know you” glance, and then walk away without risking being wrong – we know ‘of’ each other more than anything, and to be honest, it is probably 87% on my end… did I ramble enough for ya?)… right, so a “friend” of mine wrote a blog recently about the saddest songs ever.

He and his sis were listing sad songs they loved off the top of their heads. I don’t love listening to sad songs, because why make myself cry, really, BUT some of these are amazing, and others I have never heard of. Here are their lists:

"Lost Cause," Beck
"Crying," Roy Orbison
"Are You Still in Love With Me?", Tift Merritt
"Hallelujah," Jeff Buckley
"He Stopped Loving Her Today," George Jones
"Houses on the Hill," Whiskeytown
"Martha," Tom Waits
"Winona," "Nothing Lasts," "Your Sweet Voice," "Everything Changes," "I Almost Forgot," Matthew Sweet
"Steven," Denison Witmer
"Far, Far Away," Wilco
"I Should Have Been True," The Mavericks
"Oh My Sweet Carolina," "La Cienega Just Smiled," "September," Ryan Adams
"Please Tell My Brother," Golden Smog
"Salome," Old 97's
"Travelin' Soldier," "Without You," Dixie Chicks
"The Stars Above and My Heart in Your Hands," Christopher Denny (to which I attached the caveat that it's so sad I can only listen to it every couple of months)
"Sweetest Waste of Time," Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson
"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," Hank Williams
"Broke, Lovesick, & Driftin'," Hank Williams III
"Always On My Mind," Willie Nelson
"Please Break My Heart," Caitlin Cary and Thad Cockrell

The Sis

"Fred Jones," Ben Folds
"Casimir Pulaski Day," Sufjan Stevens
"The Lonely 1," Wilco
"Your Long Journey," Robert Plant and Allison Krauss
"Mad World," Gary Jules
"The Blower's Daugter," "Amie," Damien Rice
"She's Got You," "Crazy," "Walkin' After Midnight," Patsy Cline
"A Ghost in This House," Allison Krauss and Union Station

I know, right? I might cry just looking at this list. I know more songs on her list than his, though. And I seriously heart what I know of Sufjan Stevens. W2G, Sis.

Then he opened the blog for comments. He got a lot of suggestions, so allow me copy the ones I know and agree with:
Tears in Heaven--Eric Clapton
Hurt--Johnny Cash -(LOVE this one!)
Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
Disarm - The Smashing Pumpkins
"Brick" by Ben Folds 5
Playboy Mommy - Tori Amos
Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy (on all of my playlists)
Imagine: John Lennon
Eleanor Rigby: The Beatles
Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone, Bill Withers
I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Rait
"Kissing You" by Des'ree
Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
Fix You - Coldplay (OK, I almost cried just typing this one out)
Colorblind - Counting Crows
Missing the War - Ben Folds Five
Evaporated - Ben Folds Five
Yesterday - The Beatles
"Dreaming With A Broken Heart," John Mayer
Adia-Sarah McLachlan
Fred Jones Part 2 – Ben Folds

Bawling yet? Well here are my additions, some of which are just "songs that make me cry":

“Are You Alright?” – Lucinda Williams
“Hello” – Evanescence
“I Miss You” – Incubus (high school shout-out)
“Let Me Leave” – Marc Broussard
“The Lighthouse Tale” – Nickel Creek
“You Are Goodbye” – Holly Conlan
“Between the Lines” – Sara Bareilles
“City” – Sara Bareilles
“Epiphany” – Staind
“Gravity” – Sara Bareilles
“Let It Be” – The Beatles (but the version from Across The Universe)
“The Most Beautiful Things” – Jimmy Eat World (I miss Rob…)
“Trampled Rose” – Alison Krauss and Robert Plant
“Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us” - Alison Krauss and Robert Plant

(Broadway Musicals – obviously I am leaving out thousands…)
“Alabanza” – In The Heights
“Still Hurting” – The Last Five Years
“Nobody Needs to Know” – The Last Five Years
“The Next Ten Minutes” – The Last Five Years
“The Guilty Ones” – Spring Awakening
“Touch Me” – Spring Awakening
“Whispering” – Spring Awakening
“I’ll Cover You (reprise)” – Rent (Seriously, I might cry right now)
“Those You’ve Known” – Spring Awakening
“On the Willows” – Godspell
“For Good” – Wicked
“All the Wasted Time” – Parade
“And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” – Dreamgirls
*I’m not going to list EVERY song in ‘The Civil War’, but they pretty much all make me cry*
“I’d Give it All for You” – Songs For A New World
“The I Love You Song” – 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
“I Wish I Could Go Back to College” – Avenue Q
“Johnny Can’t Decide” – tick, tick…BOOM!
“Louder Than Words” – tick, tick…BOOM!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wanna know what makes me happy?

Yeah, that's right. Did you read it? NO? Ugh, you lazy.

The new year will bring new ways for guests to celebrate their special occasions with family and friends at Walt Disney World Resort – and special savings that make a Disney vacation even more affordable.
Guests who buy a four-night/four-day non-discounted Walt Disney Travel Co. Magic Your Way hotel and ticket package for stays most nights from Jan. 4 to April 4, 2009, and April 19 to June 27, 2009, will receive three extra nights of hotel accommodations and three more days added to their theme park tickets for free.
As a bonus, guests traveling on this package from Jan. 4 to March 29, 2009, will also receive a free $200 Disney Gift Card to splurge on merchandise, dining or other Disney fun.

Now, unfortunately I do not see us getting to do this; not that soon anyway. But OH MY LANDS that looks like such a great deal! And a $200 gift card?!?

(Yeah, I say "Oh my lands"... what about it? My Mamie says it... and it is better than swearing...)

So, for those who have not heard my speech about a "Wish List" this year (birthday/Christmas), the top thing on my list is Disney Gift Cards. I'm sure we will want/need to save for a while planning our next trip. That way we can upgrade to a better resort (although the All Star Sports was fun). The third thing on my Wish List is travel vouchers - basically gift cards to airlines and such. Brad and I have so much stuff - far more than we need. And while there are things we need, most of them are not material (or easily afforded). Right now we are trying to focus on saving for things like, oh I don't know, a HOUSE. My point is that memories are higher on our priority list than things right now. We want to go to new York [if only we could get up there while Binkie is still on Broadway] by next summer, but that it a lot of saving in little time. We wouldn't need to pay for a hotel, but travel alone would be steep. Plus, with plays, food and shopping...pretty penny. So I don't know... if you are likely to send me a gift this year (BTW, thank you in advance) those are my wishes.

Oh, and the second thing is a mini fridge. Just for the curious...

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Reader

yea, more trailers!

This movie looks fascinating, and with Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes, I'm sold:

Monsters vs. Aliens

More cartoon movies that would make no impact but for their cast list:

Seth Rogen
Will Arnett
Paul Rudd
Reese Witherspoon
Rainn Wilson
Kiefer Sutherland
Stephen Colbert

Um... yes please!!!

The Tale of Despereaux

OK, so it is a cartoon movie about mice. Kind of puts it on my mental back burner. Then you see the cast:
Matthew Broderick
Kevin Kline
Dustin Hoffman
Sigourney Weaver
Christopher Lloyd
Emma Watson
Ronnie Coltrane
William H Macy
Stanley Tucci
Tracey Ullman have my attention.

And I know Im a loser, but it gives me such glee when actors from the Harry Potter movies work together in other films (Hermione and Hagrid in this one, Ron and Mrs Weasley in The Driving Lesson, which I HEART!)

I am so sick of it, really

Ask me why I am surprised? Ask me why, after 6 years of similar treatment, I am surprised at this behavior. Go ahead, ask me...
You know what, don't ask me, because I have absolutely no good reason.
I know I am not the BEST friend in the world. I forget birthdays, I am horrible at returning calls, and on more than a few occasions I have made very selfish decisions. But you know what? That does not excuse other people being bad friends.
And let me be more specific. If you make plans with me, and those plans change, and you do not call me, you suck. OK? If you and I have agreed to meet somewhere or to go do something and it turns out that you cannot/will not make it, effing call me! It isn't hard. It would take 30 seconds max to send a quick text. If I am not worth 30 seconds to you, that is something I need to know.

Happy effing birthday.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Sheila W, the wife of my coworker Kevin, passed away this morning. Please pray for Kevin and for their 5 year old daughter, Shelby.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have been tagged by Grags - I wont continue the tagging (bc other than Grags none of my friends make consistent blogs), but I will do as I am told this time.

I was supposed to post and explain the 6th picture from my 6th album. Well, is nuck on to Facebook. I went 6 backwards from the start, not the 6th one I created. I got a wedding pic.

It does not require much explanation. We were just announced as Mr and Mrs Brad Phillips, and we are now making our way back up the aisle, lookin' all hot. Look how handsome my baby is, lookin' sharp.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

An Opera from Twisted Pictures?

Many of you know of my love for the Rock Opera genre. I discovered one today that will be released next Friday. It is called Repo: The Genetic Opera. It is listed as Fantasy, Musical, Horror.

And it is produced by Twisted Pictures.

They produce the SAW movies.



Now, if only I could stomach constant, graphic violence, I would be really excited about this. it looks FASCINATING! It is set in comic book's favorite setting: the not-too-distant future (2056). A worldwide epidemic has made organ failure prevalent. A company called GeneCo, that finances organs like new cars, has come to the rescue. Just make sure you never miss a payment, because if you do they will send out the repo men to reposess your organs. Murder is made legal, and these men literally perform sudden surgeries wherever they catch you.

And it is a rock opera.

From the trailer, the music sounds a little bit awesome. And Sarah Brightman is in it; interesting. Also interesting, although potentially less exciting, is that Paris Hilton is in the cast.

That's her in the pic as Amber Sweet.

Alexa Vega plays the ingenue. You remember her; she was the girl in Spy Kids... yeah, color me disturbed.

Monday, October 27, 2008


They have released the international trailer for "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince", it is almost entirely new clips and IT. IS. AWESOME!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Raining Jane

Everything we want is not what we need

Leaning on the love that is in between

I wait another minute to see this through

Waiting to let go 'til you let go too

I discovered a delightful band this week. I got to enjoy a Raining Jane concert at the House of Blues. These chicks know how to put on a fun show! The music created by Mai, Becky, Chaska and Mona (as is the order on the Paper Nest cover) comes pouring out of their souls.

The performance was very telling to their personalities: Mona (the percussionist) was farthest left on her cajon (box-like drum), followed by Mai and Chaska on guitars with Becky falling to the right with her bass. Chaska and Mai seemed to be enjoying their groove; they moved in time with the strokes of their guitars, smiles on their beautiful faces. It was the girls on the outside, however, who were so entertaining to watch. Mona was going CUH-RAZY on this drum! She used her bare hands, as is the practice, and she also used a few brush wands for a different sound. She wore a tambourine/bell contraption around her ankle so that she could tap her leg in time. She also had a little table of shakers, bells and fun noise-toys. Her beautiful, full hair was flying around as she threw her entire body into creating this music! She made funny faces (either to entertain or out of pure passion, and probably both) and flailed around in the most amazing accidental dance. I am telling you friends, I have never seen someone have so much fun in my life, and I wanted to join her! Then we have Becky to the right. I certainly mean no disrespect, because she was very talented, but she had such a look of concentration that she almost appeared bored. She barely moved! It would not have even been worth mentioning except for the stark contrast. What an eclectic group of women!

Mai has degrees in Psychology and Women's Studies. She has been playing cello from a young age and has been using it for RJ in increasing amounts.

Chaska has a long family history involving music; her great-grandparents were in a traveling singing group called "Cheeruptimus" from 1890 to 1920. **Incidentally, her great-grandfather's name was James Potter, which makes it even better!** She went to UCLA with a volleyball scholarship; it helps to be 6'1 by the age of 14!

Mona works part-time as a Speech and Debate coach. This does not in any way surprise me. What did surprise me a bit was her "Dream Career"- according to her bio, she dreams of being the first female Persian rapper/whistler...... it's always good to have goals.

Becky majored in English with a minor in Music History. Only an educational background like that could place someone in classes like West African drumming and mariachi guitar, while making your favorite book the dictionary! She also loves Hamlet, which only makes her cooler in my sight.

These amazing girls make amazing music, and I suggest you instantly head over to iTunes and check out Paper Nest. Go ahead, scoot! After that, check out my InEveryWoman blog to hear about their volunteering efforts.


On a slightly negative note, Beyonce would now like to be called Sasha Fierce.

I am not making this up.

She feels that she has an alternate ego that 'takes over' when she performs. This other person is apparently "Fierce!" and needs her own name. Feel free to read the article here.

On the plus side, I just saw her new video for "If I Were a Boy", and it is really interesting. Yes, ladies, it is a teensy bit sexist... that is the end of my thought, actually. Check out the video, and have a little chuckle at the name thing. Enjoy.

Music - Many Posts

Today I will post several music/musician posts. If I can make the time, I will even post one on my InEveryWoman blog.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Someone made a fan video for "Kiss Me" by The Brothers Black!!!!!

My Sweet Father

Last night I was watching Heroes in our bedroom. They were showing a newer character that was introduced last week, one whose power seems to be controlling the movement of others. Well, when they showed him this week his 'location caption' said "Doyle Marionette Theater". guys know I don't like puppets, right? Especially marionettes. They are Satan's playthings. [shudder]

About thirty seconds later my phone rings, and it is my dad. I answered, and his voice sounded hesitant and a little scared, which of course freaked me out. When I asked what he needed, his response was "Are you watching Heroes?" I told him I was, with a small grin starting on my face. "Well, you do realize there will be puppets moving around on their own, right?" I said, "Yes I had thought of that." Then, my dear, sweet father said, "If you don't want to watch it, that is OK. I can tell you what happens later."

Now, SOME people could have made this same phone call, but in jest. They would have been teasing me, having a laugh, and that would have been OK, seeing as how I wasn't really scared (yet). But my precious daddy was actually concerned! He was being so genuine. It seems silly, and even at the time I thought it was unnecessary, but his intention was so sweet that it almost brought a tear to my eye.

I watched, and the puppets stayed where they were. So no harm done. I just thought I would share this sweet story about my darlin' dad.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Guide to Tipping

Courtesy of the Bon Appetit Foodist down at Yahoo:

Dear BA Foodist,
Can you set me straight on tipping? I was once told that 20 percent is for great service, 15 percent for bad. Unless a waiter's gone overboard, I'm an 18 percenter, but I was recently accused of being stingy. Am I wrong, or wasn't 10 percent considered fair not too long ago? Give me a tip I can use. --TIPPER G., Albuquerque

Dear Tipper G.,
Ah, the great tipping conundrum. You are not alone. At a meal's end, I often find myself staring at the blank lines of a credit-card receipt, concerned that the effects of too much wine and food will impair my basic algebra skills. (That's what a spouse is for: making sure it all adds up correctly.) Still, I think I can help.
The Foodist waited tables many years ago at a small, well-regarded spot in Brooklyn. (Incidentally, one evening he waited on a major food critic who later gave the restaurant a one-star review. The critic liked the food but described the service as "friendly but very slow and fumbling." Oh, well: If you can't serve 'em, join 'em.) Waiting tables is a job everyone should be forced to do at least once, if only to learn that it's not okay to snap your fingers when you want something, and also to find out what it's like to eke out a living on tips.
It's disappointing to receive anything less than 20 percent of the total bill. Most waiters at today's better restaurants expect that much for average service, and even more if they do it with a smile. So unless you're planning never to go to the same restaurant twice, the days of 10 percent tips--and even 15 percent tips--are long gone.

The BA Foodist's Tipping Rules
RULE NO. 1: Unless the server is rude, condescending, and/or completely absent, tip between 18 and 20 percent.
RULE NO. 2: Never tip on tax. Tip based on the subtotal. And if you're calculating your tip simply by doubling the tax, stop it--you're being cheap.
RULE NO. 3: Unless you drink like Dean Martin or have a taste for expensive wines (i.e., $40 or more, depending on your budget), it's best to include booze when calculating a tip. Bartenders expect a dollar tip per drink (which is usually about 20 percent of the drink's price), and it's no different with waiters.
RULE NO. 4: Never turn a blind eye when others are tipping--especially if they're unfamiliar with our tipping culture (i.e., Europeans). If you think your tablemate is lowballing the service, it's best to hand the waiter a few bills on the way out.
RULE NO. 5: If a few dollars here and there really matter that much to your bank account, perhaps you shouldn't be going out to eat in the first place.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Twilight trailer

Say what you want. Think what you want. But this trailer? AMC just pre-emptively took 49 from me.

See you November 21st.

Sports Night

Shout Factory has released a 10th anniversary edition of "Sports Night". If you have ever loved me (and can spare $60.99), please buy me this.

This television show was so beyond it's time and it's audience. When we found out it was going to be cancelled (it lasted from 1998 to 2000), my father tried to explain his best guess of why. He said that with a name like 'Sports Night', women thought, "Oh, another show about sports. Pass", and men thought, "Oh, another show about sports. Let's watch. Oh, it's a sitcom. Nevermind". This must have been somewhat accurate, because the show lived for far too short a time. Aaron Sorkin will always hold a soft, squishy place in my heart because of the wonder that is this show.

I leave you, now, with some brilliant quotes:

Dan: Sometimes it's worth it, taking all the pies in the face. Sometimes you come through it feeling good.
Casey: Yes.
Dan: And how was your day?
Casey: Sometimes you just stand there, hip deep in pie.

Jeremy: Fire me.
Isaac: What?
Jeremy: You heard me, I want you to fire me.
Isaac: I'm not going to fire you.
Jeremy: I'm a terrible worker, I'm the last to arrive and the first to leave.
Isaac: You're the first to arrive and the last to leave.
Jeremy: And don't you think that's a little strange?
Isaac: Yes.
Jeremy: I'm a racist.
Isaac: Jeremy...
Jeremy: I am, I'm a terrible racist. I think all those people with the funny accents and weird skin color should go back to wherever they came from and leave this country to the people who rightfully stole it from the Indians... which they deserved.
Isaac: Jeremy...
Jeremy: I'm serious, this country is being ruined by the blacks and the Jews.
Isaac: You're Jewish.
Jeremy: And I have to be stopped!

Casey: "October the Eighth, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Eight, A.D." A.D.They're worried I might accidentally show up 2,000 years before the birth of Christ!

Natalie: On page 66, halfway down in the NFL injury report, it says "Collins is expected to miss practice this week, the result of a bulging disk."
Dan: Yeah?
Natalie: There's a typo on the TelePrompter. They left out the 's.'
Casey: Collins is expected to be sidelined a week to 10 days with a bulging di--Uh Oh!
Dan: Whoa! That's a big 10-4.
Casey: My next line in the script was "Let's go the videotape."
Natalie: We might have gotten some phone calls.

Dana: You have good ideas a lot. I find myself saying, "Natalie's got a good idea."
Natalie: But you also find yourself saying, "Natalie, if you screw that up again I'll set you on fire."

Dana: By the way, in the memos that are circulating, we're spelling Chattanooga about fourteen different ways. Now what do we know?
Jeremy: Two Os, three As.
Dana: That's it?
Jeremy: No, there are other letters, too.

Isaac: A couple of things. I am not quitting and I am not getting fired, not today and probably not tomorrow. Let me add, Dana, that things I say in my office stay in my office.
Dana: Natalie's my second in command. She's the only one I told.
Natalie: Jeremy's my boyfriend. He's the only one I told.
Jeremy: I told many, many people.

Dan: Can I spread it out for you in a nutshell?
Casey: No.
Dan: I can't?
Casey: No.
Dan: Why not?
Casey: 'Cause I'm tired of you mixing your metaphors. Spread it out for you in a nutshell? "How ya doin'? I'm a professional writer".

Dan: Eleven years ago, he pitched a perfect game.
Rebecca: A perfect game.
Dan: Yes, ma'am.
Rebecca: And a perfect game is good?
Dan: Listen, I know there's a lot of jargon, but some of these are pretty self-explanatory.

Casey: Alyson, did you know that I speak four languages?
Dan: You speak three languages.
Casey: I speak four languages.
Dan: You speak French, Spanish and German.
Casey: I dabble in a little English.

Dana: You're mad at me? You spend six months making me feel guilty for liking my job, then propose to me, then two days later, you tell me you slept with the woman who wants my job? I say fine. I say fine! Then six days after that, you tell me you wanna break off the engagement. Here's the thing. I think only one of us should be angry at a time, and I have a hunch it's gonna be me.

Dana: You're breaking off the engagement because I wasn't mad enough when I found out you were sleeping around? Let's do the whole thing all over again and this time I'll beat the living crap out of you.

Casey: Who knows with Dana? One day she's up, another day she's down. The girl's nuttier than a squirrel's cheeks in October. The point is, she's standing right behind me, right?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Disney Pics!!

Yea, friends and loved ones, we FINALLY got our pictures developed! Woo-to-the-Hoo! Now, be forewarned, that I am not a good photographer (nor am I generally photogenic) and I didnt take nearly as many pics as I thought I had. But I had to include some of my favorites!

This first one (surfers on the wall) is the food court in the All Star Sports, which I will be to abbreviate by saying Sports, since I cant REALLY abbreviate it...

These are from our room. Don't you love the towel Mickey?

Our first stop was Magic Kingdom, and our first task was the get personalized Mickey Mouse ears. We headed to the hat shop, and Brad disocvered this Captain Jack Sparrow hat. Stunning, eh?

Then we got our Mr and Mrs ears. I already have a pair that say Allison, from my trip in high school, so we went for Mrs Phillips and Mr Phillips.

You know what? I'm not going to photo-walk you through the whole trip; it would take far too long and I am at work. I will just plop my favorites in here, and if you see fit you may ask questions. I will post them on Facebook later, and probably eventually on MySpace.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Wolf

I have been paying quite a bit of attention lately to books, and specifically the Harry Potter series. In conversation with my mother (who loves word origins) we discovered that there must be some definition or origin for the name Fenrir Greyback, the horrible werewolf character in the HP series who "created" Remus Lupin. We came to this conclusion based on the existence of Fenris Ulf in the Chronicles of Narnia. As they are both wolves (or wolf like) there must be some background to the word. So I did a bit of digging.

According to Norse mythology, Fenrir (or Fenris) is the eldest son of Loki and Angrboda, and he is a "gigantic and terrible monster in the shape of a wolf". He was prophesied to be "the destruction of the world", so the gods caged him. They tried numerous challenges to contain him, until they finally succeeded. They commissioned the dwarves to make a magical chain (Gleipnir) that could not be broken.

Long story short (too late) they created a monster by caging and baiting him all of his life. That woudl piss me off, too. I'm just saying. Anyway, I am fascinated by the comparison of the two characters.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Top 15 Sexiest Nerd Boys

That is literally the title of this article. You KNOW I read it. And my comment is: number 15? Really? And calling him a boy is a stretch; he is a full grown man, baby.

15. Hugh Laurie. Nothing says “sexy” like a Cambridge graduate who made his name primarily as a comedic actor, starring alongside Rowan Atkinson on the legendary show Blackadder, who has somehow managed to catapult himself to stateside fame on his hit show House. Plus, he suffers from clinical depression… and if there’s one thing a smart girl loves, it’s a guy who’s really f**ked in the brain.

Oh, and a resounding YES to Daniel Radcliffe making it as number 4!

4. Daniel Radcliffe. While placing a 17-year-old on a list of “hunks” is a lil’ inappropes, because Dan has already had public erections on stage during the Equus production, technically this doesn’t seem to be pushing any boundaries. And even though Dan has grown from boy to slightly taller boy before our very eyes, he’s got all the makings of a nerd heartthrob: Sweet, quiet personality, pasty skin, lanky limbs, soft British accent, and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Dirty Pop...

Tickets Galore

Dear friends, join me in a joyous hurray! Brad and I have just obtained tickets to two very exciting events!

First off, we will be seeing Sara Bareilles and Marc Broussard in concert at the newly opened House of Blues downtown! I haven't been to a concert in ages, and I have been wanting to see them both for a while now.

Secondly, Spring Awakening is coming to Houston!!! We are going in January, and I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!

Monday, October 6, 2008

PotterCast 167

These guys are making my day right now. They crack me up. Even though right now they are on a tangent explaining the Tory party...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Daniel Radcliffe well received on Broadway

Normally I would not find this noteworthy enough to blog on, even though I seriosuly heart Daniel Radcliffe and it was always nice to see young actors develop... I decided to write because of this wonderful quote (from Ben Brantley, the reviewer in the New York Times) in this Reuters article:

Brantley noted the similarity between Radcliffe's role in "Equus" and that of Harry Potter with both characters coming of age "in a menacing, magical world where the prospect of being devoured by darkness is always imminent."

An odd, but strikingly true observation. Of course, now I'm just wondering how they will incorporate complete nudity into the Deathly Hallows film...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thank You, Jonathon Larson

A NEW CHAPTER FOR 'RENT'; Final Performance To Hit Screens Nationwide This Week

The final performance of RENT to ever be played on Broadway was recorded by a highly skilled company called and shown in movie theaters for a limited time. I believe there are four days they are scheduled for across the nation. Last night Kelly and I saw this recording at AMC 24. (Read article)

Now, I have seen the live show twice (tours), so I was familiar with the staging and the director choices. Kelly, however, had never seen the production other than the movie made. So much changes from stage to film, and I was thrilled to get to watch her discover this story in a new (and better) light. I was not disappointed. I haven't even listened to that soundtrack in ages; I kind of go through musicals in shifts. Seeing this was like finding something that I didn't know I had lost. We were both so moved. At the end of the show, the cast came back onstage with previous cast members, including some of the originals (I heart you, Anthony Rapp).

There is a tour coming to Houston in April; consider us there. We skipped the last tour: I have seen it twice, and I didn't really want to keep spending money on the same show. I will however lay down some ducets for this show because Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal (the ORIGINAL Mark and Roger) will be in the tour! Sure, sure, they may be getting to old to play twenty-somethings, but who cares! I get to be in the same room as Anthony Rapp! I'm excited about Pascal as well, but the headshot in this article is...unsettling, so my excitement is on hold.

I find it so amazing (and heartbreaking) that Jonathon Larson could create this magic in his last days. His show "tick, tick...BOOM" has some wonderful music, but on the whole it cannot hold a candle to RENT. His stories are so raw, so real. I wish he could have stayed with us; I would love to know the potential he still had, after a success like RENT.

It always makes me think of Eddie Izzard.

"People of Berlin... I am a donut!"

"People of Hamburg... I am a Hamburger!"

"People of Frankfurt..."

You get the idea. So whenever mention is made of Hamburg, I think of Eddie Izzard. Or at least I used to; now I think of my amazing friend Amy with is working on a costume crew in Germany for a touring production of "Porgy and Bess". She wrote this blog about her visits to museums and monuments while in Hamburg, and the photographs are amazing! She has everything from Nazi propaganda to McDonald's endorsements in other languages - SCORE! Some would say those two things are actually similar, but I digress...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Take THAT, Ike!

MY PARENTS HAVE POWER!!! Praise the Lord!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hurray! Hurrah! Huzzah!

The sheriff called my mother today to ask her down to the station to identify some items they believe fit the description of our stolen property! IT WAS OUR STUFF!! Almost all of my mother's jewelry was recovered - HALLELUJAH!! A large pile of their DVDs were recovered, as well, including our ACU shows.

Many prayers of thanks for this blessing; I know it is just stuff, but it was so wonderful to see the relief on my mother's face as she identified rings and necklaces.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prayer Requests

*My parents (who were just robbed) still have no power, as a result of Hurricane Ike. They are projected to have it by close of business tomorrow (Friday, the 19th). Their AC unit looks pretty punished from our neighbor's tree branch.
*Alan and Geri (In-Laws) had some minor damge to their home in Alvin. It sounds liek they ahve been truly blessed. They spent several days in College Station with her family.
*Harold and Pattie (Lacy's parents) lost the front of their barn in Ike. The horses are all OK, but there is damage. Craig and Brandy (Lacy's bro and sis-in-law) have no power, so they are staying with H&P right now.
*Steve and Denise (Steph's parents) had some roof damage during Ike. They have leaking on the second floor.
*Last I heard, Kelly's fam still has no power.
*Grags' Mimi and Popi lost their house.
*Please pray for those all over Houston as they/we trudge through this together. Pray for patience and health above other things.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We have survived Hurricane Ike.
The storm was Friday night. It is now the earliest part of Wednesday, and my parents still do not have power. They are spending most of their free time with us and spending the night at Margaret's. Mom and I still havent gone into work. Our building sustained damage - flooding - so we have been rerouted to another location. However, my mother and I cannot do our jobs without our personal computers, which we cannot reach. PLUS it is extremely difficult to find/reach/buy gas right now, so our "supervisor" finally told us to stay put until that changes. No point in driving across town if you cant get back home, right? At least we are salaried, so we wont lose any pennies over this. Perry's is open, so Brad will start trying to pick up shifts tomorrow.
We spent Saturday night in College Station. I was kind of unprepared, so I had no books to read at night (when I inevitably could not sleep). I ended up reading one of Michael's books... that's right, I finally succumbed to the Twilight series. I got 1/3 through in C.S., then we hit up a Half Price Books on the way home and i bought it. I just finished it about a half an hour ago. She includes the preface and first chapter of book two in the back, and now I am a little bit anxious to find that one. That first chapter (in New Moon) certainly grabs your attention. Maybe a HPB will be open tomorrow... Now, it is no Harry Potter, but I suspected as much.
Lacy and I both have birthdays coming up in November, and we will be turning "One Quarter of a Century", so we want to have a big themed shindig. Im thinking up ideas, somehing that would work for our mixed group of friends. Any of you in Houston or Dallas or Lubbock, please plan ahead.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Want to find out who is going to play what villain in the next Batman movie? YOU BET YOUR AUNT FANNIE, YOU DO!!!

Why I Love "Driving Lessons"

(other than Rupert Grint and Julie Walters)

"Evie swallowed the car key, and now we can't get back until she poos it out."

"I think it's best I stop working for you."
"Oh, why? So you can take up being pompous professionally?"

"Sparing you the details, my tits have turned into time-bombs.'

Monday, September 8, 2008

Grags, we're going on a road trip...

Behold, "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter"

SQUEE!!! I cannot wait until Brad and I return to Disney World in a few years, but he won't be NEARLY as excited as I am about this stop of the trip. Some sources say it will open in late fall of 2009, others reports 2010. I would put my money on 2010. Knowing the way WB does business, they will wait until they will set a date, but then move it back in order to make more money.
I wonder what the rides will be. I have been saying for ages that someone should make a ride based on the carts whizzing thourgh Gringotts!

I Fail at Life

I PROMISE I will finish my Disney World journaling. I should have done it right away while it was fresh in my colander-like memory, but alas. I kept wanting to wait to develop the pictures (see alos, FAIL), but I will hopefully add the Wednesday account this week. Check back to my previous journals by typing in WDW into the search bar at the top. Woohoo, more Mickey on the way!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Everyone is a Critic

*Before reading, make sure you read "People Suck", the previous post*

So these thieves obviously dumped out my parent's DVD drawer into some sort of basket, I'm assuming one of the laundry baskets now missing. This drawer included a few of my musicals I hadn't moved yet (knowing that Brad and I wouldn't watch them much - or ever). It also included our ACU Theatre DVDs. I am mildly creeped out that some random guys in a pawn shop now have me in that Gwen costume (as hot as it is).

Here is the real kicker. They left three things from that drawer on our futon:
1) Joan of Arcadia, Season One
2) Heroes, Season One
3) Little Miss Sunshine

What the hey-hey? You stopped and shopped through the choices? And THOSE are what you left behind? You took "Down With Love" and left "Little Miss Sunshine"? I'm glad, of course, because I haven't ever seen it, but still! And you took House, but not Heroes?

Everyone is a critic. I suppose I should brag to Adam and Donna that our tapes were worth taking over Heroes. Niiiiice... except for that whole you-took-our-stuff part.

People Suck

My parents' house got broken into yesterday. These guys came in by lifting the sliding back door off of its track. We have now added a "patio pin" so that it would be impossible to repeat. I want to say a HUGE and very public thank you to Kelly and her mother Caye (which I manage to never spell right...) for helping and suggesting what to do: Kelly's mom works with locks and security, so she knew just what to do. Many thank to the Dickey/Smith team.

My folks didn't lose a ton of stuff, mostly stuff you would expect:
*all of my mother's jewelry
*both DVD players
*all of their DVDs (except for a few, see following blog)

The more interesting and random items missing:
*almost all of the laundry baskets
*trash cans (for carrying things without suspicion, we suppose)
*our plastic blue cups that literally cost about $0.25 at Wal-Mart
*toenail clippers
And finally, sliced American cheese and bologna. That's right, folks. These guys wanted to make sandwiches on the go.

I know I am forgetting things, but oh well. They left the TVs and the computer, which is nice. They also left behind a HUGE mess, but it was just from emptying drawers everywhere - no broken glass or heinous spills.

We had to take a half day yesterday, so I have a lot to catch up on at work. Please keep my family in your prayers. Also, if anyone could burn the House seasons onto DVDs for my folks it would mean the world. It sounds petty, but it is true. They lost Seasons 1, 2 and 3 and they were borrowing my brand new Season 4 - all gone.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Teen Pregnancy & Sex Education

If forced to choose sides, I would call myself Republican. I am quite sure I have said this before. I have a feeling that it was in reference to a similar issue, also. I want to call myself Republican, but these freaking idiots don't believe in sex education! How am I supposed to vote for a man who believes young, poor teenage mothers have to finish high school or they get no benefits or support? I understand that it is a kind of "tough love" that ensures they will have that education in the future and will have more opportunities because of it. On the other hand, HELLO?!? It is kind of hard to go to class, much less focus, when you are breast-feeding while taking notes! For those young girls blessed with supportive and capable families, they can make adjustments and compromises to leave the baby with family during school hours, but what about the vast majority of unwed teenage mothers that have no such support?

Come on, McCain, pull your head out of your wrinkled bum and face the facts. Tough love with "Christian morals", whether we like it or not, will not fix all of the nations problems. Unfortunately it will exacerbate most of them! Let's be a strong force without being close-minded idiots, shall we?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Celebrity Sighting

I knew this picture existed, but I had no clue where to even start looking for it. Luckily I stumbled across it in a box full of old high-school stuff. I went to San Antonio with some friends to see Incubus, and Phantom Planet was their opening act. I got to meet them and take my picture with them. So here we all are, and right there at boob-level is Jason Schwartzman.
I will admit, I cared more about J Schwartz than the other guys, and I felt bad even then because I bet they got that a lot. I did like a few of their songs, even still do. I promise, Other Guys, if I ever meet you again I will pay proper attention.

Disney World Journal - Day Three

Tuesday morning we had a reservation for “breakfast” at Chef Mickey’s, but it was not until 11:20am, so we started our early day with orange juice, peanut butter crackers and bananas. When we finally got going we caught a bus to MK. We only had about 30 minutes to spend before we needed to head to the Contemporary; we wanted to be early for our reservation in case we could be seated early. We pretty much wandered through the shops on Main Street for half an hour before heading out. We found the monorail tracks in order to go straight to the Contemporary; we wanted to be sure and use all three of the resort transportation methods during our trip (bus, boat, monorail). The monorail goes directly to the Contemporary (before hitting up the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian) and we got there close to an hour before our reservation time. I had heard that most restaurants will seat you early if you arrive early. That may be true, but apparently Chef Mickey’s was booked to the teeth because we actually got seated a few minutes after our reservation! We would have been a little perturbed except that Chef Mickey’s is SO WONDERFUL! We were immediately greeted with the most wonderful smells and sights. The hostess showed us to our table where we received place mats that said “It’s my special day!” with the “autographs” of all of the major characters. We got to keep them – so cute! We went to the breakfast buffet and found loads of fresh fruit, omelets, breakfast pizza (YUM), biscuits, gravy, Mickey waffles, bacon, sausage and so much more! Everything was delicious and we could have as much as wanted! Plus towards the end of our meal they brought out cupcakes with candles to everyone celebrating their “special day” (including an adorable little Asian girl next to us having her 2nd birthday) and the characters paraded around singing for us to CELEBRATE! We got pictures with several characters (which I will upload later) and had a blast.

We decided to head back to our room for a while before heading to Epcot. Originally the plan was to return to MK to do the rides we had missed, but it was very warm that morning and we wanted to give it time to cool down outside. We got our wish (oh, Disney Magic). After a short nap we went outside to find perfect weather. It was sunny, but there was a nice breeze to keep it cool. We caught a bus to Epcot and began our ‘World Tour’.

We visited a few things in Future World before heading on our international walkabout. We started off in Ellen’s Energy Adventure, which was interesting. Neither of us knew what to expect, but whenever Brad thought he was bored something cool happened. We went form a little theater into a bigger theater with seats that seemed mobile. Sure enough, we ended up going for a little ride through time with Ellen and Bill Nye the Science Guy. A good time was had.

When we emerged the weather was perfect. I think it may have sprinkled while we were in the Universe of Energy (the movie/ride takes close to 45 minutes), so it was nice and cool. We started our World Showcase trip with Mexico. Now, as Texans, we had promised ourselves (and my mother) that we would not eat in Mexico, because we can get good Mexican food anytime. The thing is we were hungry and it smelled SO GOOD!!! We started out in the exhibit, where they have a cute miniature street market and a little boat ride for the Three Caballeros. When we got outside again we went straight for the Cantina de San Angel. We split a combination platter with a beef taco, a chicken taco and some sort of fried cheese…thing. It was great, plus we got to wander around with a hot, fresh churro.

The next country we found was China. The first thing we saw were all of the kiosks for souvenirs and such in the street. I found one that was selling all different kinds of puppets, and I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks – there were Linda and Johnny! Remember the puppet show I did for GE, where we went to the Texas Children’s Hospital? Well we named our two lead characters Linda and Johnny, and their dopplegangers were looking at me from this puppet cart! It was so funny I had to take a picture. We went into the Chinese theater they had set up and watched a quick film about Chinese culture, then and now. We were in a round room with eight large screens all around the wall. It was truly beautiful.

We continued to wander. Not all of the countries had significance, but Germany was certainly fun. First we went into the WeinKeller. It was a beautiful wine cellar that sold German wines. Did you know that 80% of Germany’s wines are white? That works for me, as I am inexperienced with red. They were selling some by the glass. I asked if I could sample one of the reislings and the woman behind the counter said that I couldn’t, but then she changed her mind since I had on my Just Married button (seriously, that button is the best souvenir and it was free!). Then we went out into the street again and stood in line so Brad could get a dark German ale. We got a souvenir glass (it was the German flag on it) and a free pretzel – yea, honeymoon buttons!
We wandered through France and Italy, but by this time we were getting tired. We headed for the English pub, the Rose and Crown Pub, to get a beer and find a seat for Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. This fireworks/pyrotechnics show is AMAZING! It was beautiful, and it is well told as a story.

After the show we got our Extra Magic Hour bracelets so that we could stay later. We went to Honey I Shrunk the Audience, which may have been a mistake. I think those kinds of things are fun, but Brad does not seem to agree. Oh well. After that we were tired (and a tiny bit cranky) so we headed home for sleep and a drink.

We were amazed how tired and sore we were after only two plus days!