Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Teen Pregnancy & Sex Education

If forced to choose sides, I would call myself Republican. I am quite sure I have said this before. I have a feeling that it was in reference to a similar issue, also. I want to call myself Republican, but these freaking idiots don't believe in sex education! How am I supposed to vote for a man who believes young, poor teenage mothers have to finish high school or they get no benefits or support? I understand that it is a kind of "tough love" that ensures they will have that education in the future and will have more opportunities because of it. On the other hand, HELLO?!? It is kind of hard to go to class, much less focus, when you are breast-feeding while taking notes! For those young girls blessed with supportive and capable families, they can make adjustments and compromises to leave the baby with family during school hours, but what about the vast majority of unwed teenage mothers that have no such support?

Come on, McCain, pull your head out of your wrinkled bum and face the facts. Tough love with "Christian morals", whether we like it or not, will not fix all of the nations problems. Unfortunately it will exacerbate most of them! Let's be a strong force without being close-minded idiots, shall we?

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