Friday, June 1, 2012

Artistic Minister

I've been going through my portable drive, looking at old, unfinished docs. I keep meaning to add to/work on my play (it's been ages) and my church workshop (writing about sex at a time like this?), so I wandered through to see what else I've left undone. I found an idea I chewed on... must have been well over a year ago. When our church was looking for a new Worship Leader, one of the elders came to me and said, "If I thought they'd entertain the idea of a woman song leader, I'd throw your name in this second." Take what you will from that (based on your feelings of women leading), but I was incredibly honored and touched. It got my brain juices flowing, so I started dreaming up a job called Artistic Minister, who would be one of three on a team including the song leader and an In-reach minister.

Basically these three people would work together to cultivate a creative ministry, accessing new venues of worship to bring in more people. It would mostly be small scale, but occasionally for the whole church. I really think Bammel would be up for it, too, seeing as they are slowly including little things like having a sculptor work onstage during a sermon about "being the clay", or having congregants submit photos for the Fingerprints of God display.

Finding this old document has got my creative juices flowing again, and I love it. I doubt the church is ready for someone to hold this position, certainly not a paid position, but I've been thinking a lot lately about vocation. Dave Ramsey has got me dreaming of a life with a job I absolutely love AND that pays the bills. That doesn't happen instantly (for most people), but a girl can dream. I want to keep hashing out these ideas and maybe present them to our women's minister or our in-reach minister; maybe we could start small and gauge the success.

Keep it in your prayers. I'm excited and scared, which I think is the best way to be when stepping forward in faith.