Wednesday, March 31, 2010


How can so many people in this world not understand the idea of commitment?

People say "I will be there" or "Let's do (fill in the blank)", but they don't actually intend to do so. I have had this issue with many friends, especially in college. Someone would say "Let's do such-and-such", when what they mean is "Let me think about it".

People wait until the last minute to tell you, or when you call them it comes out as "Oh yeah...", and I am sick of it. If you have plans with me, you have plans with me. We don't have a floating maybe, we have a plan.

I understand that things come up, plans change. I know all about extenuating circumstances. And I'm sure I have been that friend at times. But SERIOUSLY people!

It just makes me angry, and it hurts my feelings. When these things happen, it tells me I am not important to that person. Who wants to feel like that?


LOST According to Allison: The Package

I didn't take notes as I was watching last night, so I will have to recall as much as I can. I'm sure, once I read the Pajiba post, I will be back with things I forgot. Let us begin:

~Grags told me she and Dee thought the package would be Jin, because they were hoping for a Jin/Sun centric episode... and I ignored their instinct. Shame on Mags...

~MIRROR MOMENT!! Sun got one, and Jin didn't (that I recall) - significance?

~So, they aren't married, but they are in love. And Pappa Paik is pissed.

~MIKHAIL! What a treat! I much prefer this clean-shaven, no eye-patch look.

~KEAMY! Sorry for the all caps expressions, but I love the unexpected visitors. Grags loves her some Keamy hawtness...

~I'm going to call just an ounce of shenanigans on the airport just, you know, keeping the $25,000, or that anyone would just wander out of the airport without a fight for their cash. Obviously, I'm glad it happened that way, because it saved Jin's life. Which makes me very curious about who decided to hold the money.

~The dart scene: at first, I couldn't see anything hitting them, so I was really confused. Then I was scared and nervous. I get so drawn in to story-telling, I almost always feel what the director intends for me to feel...

~OK, another fat dollop of shenanigans. In fact, this is just a mistake (yes, even the creators of LOST make them). When Widmore handed the camera to Jin, the lens was out. And Widmore then tells him to "turn it on". Really? REALLY?!? Whatever, small issue, but it really bugged me.

~I was nervous that "the package" was going to be Ji Yeon, but through the context of the Widmore/Jin convo, that idea disappated.

~When Jin told Sun to move, it felt strange and forced, which made it somewhat obvious that something bad was going to happen to her. I'm betting she is OK, but the incubator might be broken...

~Thanks, guys, for calling him "Mr Hume", because with that lighting and facial hair, I really didn't know. Oh, and BTW, DESMOND?!? A lot of people will say this does not surprise them. That may be true, but they all squeed a bit when it happened.

Off the top of my head, that is really all I have. Here's hoping the Pajiba report blows my mind!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Groupon has a new, wonderful deal every day in your email, for many larger cities, and I have already used at least one as a great gift. You get 50-90% off everything from restaurants and spas to classes and clubs.

See this great article from Yahoo all about the fun and savings:

If you want to give it a try, please go through this link - referrels are fun!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LOST According to Allison: Ab Aetrno

Wow... I don't know what I was expecting, but I'm not sure this was it. It was, however, veeeeeery interesting. Some thoughts:
~HELL Island! Pajibans will be on fire! Ugh, accidental pun...
~Is Hurley crazy? Because I thought he was speaking an Asian language at first, but by the end, I got it.
~Canary Islands? Hmm...
~It looks like they were highlighting Luke 4:37 "And the news about him spread throughout the surrounding area." Hmm... by the end, that kiiind of seemed relevant.
~Worst priest EVER! That prison priest was horrible. Maybe he should get a job at Gaga's Prison For Bitches!
~How is that NOT guyliner? I heard a few seasons ago that his eyes naturally look like that, which I believed - until that close-up.
~When the Smoke Monster was moving, Brad said, "I hear bugs..." - trust me when I say, it was adorable.
~I have a feeling lots of people will be disappointed in this episode. It was talked up as being History of the Island, but it kind of feels like an hour of "Richard's life SUCKED!"
~OH! THAT'S what happened to the statue!
~There's that knife again. Hmm...
~I realy hate to admit this, but for the very first time, I see an ounce of merit to the "Jacob=Evil, MIB=Good" argument. Not a strong argument, but still...
~I use a lot of ellipses...
~Absolutely wonderful (albeit brutally obvious) Biblical parallels and metaphors.
~Nevermind, Jacob is pretty obviously good. He just isn't playin' around with Job Richard.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bathroom Art

I have been collecting paper towel (and toilet tissue) tubes for a while now, just waiting for inspiration to strike. I had a picture in mind, but I couldn't muster enough confidence in it to apply it.

Today I found this beauty over on chezerby:

Go check out the blog about their bathroom renovation and this lovely tube art!
Now I have a direction to go - wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOST According to Allison: Recon

It seems strange, but this being the Final Season has made me slightly less urgent to analyze everything to death. I would ahve thought it would increase that urge, but I think it stems from knowing I only get about 8 more episodes. With no end in sight, I could theorize all sorts of things. Now, I have to qualify everything with "do they have time to explain that?"

Some thoughts:
*I do sometimes get the feeling that these sideways stories are irrelevant to the greater picture but it is still lots of fun to see. It feels a bit Etch-a-Sketch, like they took the same characters but started the story over, which is really fun, even if it turns out to mean nothign. And really, does anything on LOST ever mean nothing?

*I didn't hear it last night, but apparently Miles refers to Charlotte as working at the museum with his dad. Hmm... Apparently no daddy issues in this timeline, like Ben.

*Nice to see Liam Pace, especially since he appears clean.

*Sayid was so CREEPY sitting there while Claire attacked Kate! I imagine his indifference startled Kate as much as the attack.

*Man, Smocke is doing some great twisting and manipulating. You almost have to root for the guy.

*The books on James' dresser: Watership Down, A Wrinkle in Time and Lancelot. (Here's your brick back.)

*Aw, the sunflower made me sad, because it reminded me of Juliet. LAFLEULIET!

*James' speach about choices rang true, as that seems to be a major dfference in this timeline. And I loved his mirror moment, even with the cheesy punch. I'm pretty sure all of the main folks have had a mirror moment in their sideways timeline. I remember Jack's, Kate's, Locke's and I'm pretty sure Sayid had one. Oh, and Ben, in the reflection of the microwave.

*Am I the only one who knew Zoe was a plant the second she showed up? And I bet James knew, too, but he let her play her hand a while.

*When James called Kate "Freckles" at the end, I almost got mad. It has been days since you held your love as she died in your arms. Days. No flirty nicknames allowed, Buster!

I will probably think of more later, but this will do for now.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Precious Downloads - FREE!

If you like cute prints and funky, homemade fare, take a few minutes to check out A Print A Day. Yasmine creates the most adorable and interesting prints, available for download. She has a wide variety of fun stuff, from notecards to tags and calendars and the like.

Every once in a while she sets one up for free download, and I have loved finding those little tidbits. Every year, for example, she prints a calendar. This past year it was matroishka dolls. Turns out, she made notecards and tags to match it:

I found a list of some of her sweetest free downloads on Creature Comforts. I absolutely LURVE the "funky bird" print, and I've already printed some for my house. I just decoupaged a cute clipboard yesterday, and now I have the perfect notes to use with it! Check out the list of freebies - enjoy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wise Words

“Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”
~Phillipians 4:11

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And THAT'S where you lost me...

There are so many arguments for vegetarianism, many of which I can support. I understand that cutting meat out of your diet will help you lose weight (especially the way Americans eat), that it keeps you from absorbing the horrendous additives used in the meat industry. I understand that it will save you, as the individual, lots of money. I understand that it causes you to really think about what you put in your body, which generally leads to better well-being, eating more vegetables and grains, taking supplements where necessary, even encouraging you to exercise more.

Jonathon Safron Foer was on Ellen today, and he was talking about his book Eating Animals. He discusses the effect it has on our planet, on our health and on our economy. All of that I get. Then they had people on who had read the book and changed their lives.
The first woman talked about recovering from breast cancer, and how the foods she had been eating most likely contributed to her disease, and would have caused a recurrence, so she stopped.
I get that. Thank God you were able to make a change in your life, and become happier and healthier.
But then they moved on to the second woman, who said she couldn't look her dog in the face when she sat with a plate of chicken. And I didn't really understand. Then the third guest spoke about how Thanksgiving turkeys are "unloved"...
...and that's where you lose me. There are so many reasons to reduce the meat intake in your diet. I imagine all people could improve their health by analyzing their diet. I am even willing to forgo meat on several meals, for good reasons. But when you try to tell me it is wrong to eat animals, I get very touchy.
Now, do not misunderstand me. I'm not saying the meat industry is not horrendously cruel, because I know that they are. "Oh, this meat will be more tender if we slice it off while the animal is alive" and other such shudder-inducing statements are all over that industry. I am moved by the unnecessary pain and torture that goes on for these creatures. But I have no doubt in my mind that some animals were created by God in order to sustain us. If they were supposed to be our equals, God would have given them souls, and I personally, and strongly, believe that he didn't.
I encourage you to read Jonathon's book, or others like it, because we can all stand to improve our health, and there are many ways to do that. We all have the right to make informed decisions. I'm just saying that "the plight of these animals" is where you lost me.

LOST According to Allison: Dr. Linus

I loved this episode. Absolutely loved it. Sure, several heavy bricks were thrown at my head, but you know what, some people need the bricks. So I just lean to the right and keep watching, intrigued.

~I'm really interested by this theory of whether or not you can die after Jacob's touch. It certainly affects suicide, but death? And did Jacob ever touch Michael? Remember how he couldn't kill himself? I was discussing this with my mother, and the following conversation ensued:
MOM: "So, whatever happened to Michael?"
ME: "Remember, he died in the freighter explosion."
MOM: "Oh, you mean the one that killed Jin?" (meaningful look)

~It was so beautiful to see grace extended to Ben, and for him to accept it. The Biblical allusions are a bit heavy-handed at times, but so well done that I don't mind. He could have followed The Enemy, for fear no one else would have him, but grace appears. It was moving.

~So Ben and Roger were on the Island for the Dharma Initiative... hmm... same timeline as previous? I can't see them magically havign a good relationship. Also, in that timeline, Ben got all changed-up in the Saving Pool...

~I love Miles, but I loved Miles before it was cool. His douchey humor has always tickled me...

~I loved the shout-out to Nikki and Paolo.

~Brain too muchy for much else right now. Maybe more later. Go read Lauren's thoughts for more ideas. If you don't mind language, check out the recap on Pajiba.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My favorite True Blood quote (Season One)

"Do you question my authority? I am the magister. I was trained in the Inquisition and I am the adjudicator for every vampire territory in North America! As the humans say, the humans you love more than your own kind, back your shit down!"

LOST without answers

In light of the series finale coming up, I have been taking a look at the past five seasons of mysteries. There have been too many questions to receive answers, and frankly, I don't want everything answered; part of the fun is being left wanting more.

Here are some of the questions I have / mysteries tickling my brain:
~How/when did Richard come to the Island?
~Why were polar bears used for Dharma experiments?
~What is the significance of the "Hurley bird"?
~Why does Walt have special gifts?
~What is Walt's future in reference to the Island?
~How long has the Shephard family had "commune" with this Island?
~What is the "Magic Box"?
~What is with the Whispering?
~What happened to Horace Goodspeed's first wife, Olivia?
~Where is the volcano on the Island? ("The Man Behind the Curtain")
~How did the Black Rock get so far inland?

These are what I have off of the top of my head. I will continue to add them as I think of them.

Tonight's episode is called "Dr. Linus", so I have to assume it is about Ben. But I am still burned about not getting a Sun-centric episode last week, so who knows...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Would that you could, kiddo...

I work with a 5 year old white autistic boy. In the hall at school, after noticing a black boy for the first time, he asked, "Why is he brown?" After I told him that people can be many different colors, he asked me seriously, "Can I be blue then?" IMMD

Grags and Mags Field Day

I had the best Girly/Nerdy Field Day with Grags on Wednesday! Basically we ate all day, painted our nails while watching "Serenity", and talked non-stop about LOST.

For our first breakfast (yeah, you heard me), we had Orange Rolls and coffee. Yes. Ma'am. For our second breakfast, we made Toad-In-A-Hole. I could technically give credit to The Pioneer Woman, since we were looking at it in her cookbook, but it has been a favorite breakfast of mine for years - I learned to make it at Girls Scout camp.

Then we rewatched LOST (Sundown) and talked over questions and theories. We even made videos (after I put on some make-up).

Next we got out my nail polish (very small collection, as I don't do that much) and did self mani-pedis while enjoying "Serenity". Let me just state again for the record: I. Love. Firefly. And thusly, Serenity. I love that Kaylee is about 4 parts Lauren, and 1 part me. I love that Simon is so delightfully awkward. I love that Jayne is so crass, but has a tiny bit of tender hiding under the scum. I love Mal's harsh exterior, his strength to get things done, and his true compass of right and wrong which he fiddles with occasionally. I love Wash. And now, my Harold Perrineau impression: "WAAAAAAAAASH! Waaa-haaa-haaash!!"

The Pizza. Oh, the pizza. We made the yummiest margherita pizza ever in the Verse. Also inspired by PW, but she makes her own crust. We used a store-bought crust, spread on pesto, then rounds of fresh mozzarella, then sliced Roma tomatoes, some red onion and a bit of fresh Parmesan. Oh. My. Stars! Fresh out of the oven, while the crust was still crisp, it couldn't be beat. Later, trying to eat it cold out of the fridge, not so much. So make sure you inhale it all at first sitting! (My health advice, ladies and gents...)

If only she moved to Houston, and we could do this more often. But hey, to my Houston girls, it's not too difficult to twist my arm into taking a day off - whose in?

LOST According to Allison: Sundown

~First things first: this was SUPPOSED to be a Sun centric episode. You hear me, Lindeloff/Cuse? The centric order has copied Season 1, and this slot in Season 1 was "House of the Rising Sun", about our favorite lost-in-translation Lovely. This episode was called "Sundown", which furthered the belief it would follow pattern. But NO, it was about Sayid. Which was interesting and all, but I am so desperate to understand the flash sideways reality for Sun and Jin, since they don't seem to be married.

~Oh Sayid, why must you never have Nadia? No matter your reality, it doesn't seem meant to be, buddy. Jacob knew it, which is why he saved you, but let her die.

~I cracked up over the intensity of the baseball after that ninja fight. I actually said to myself, "You are lucky my baseball told em to spare your life." I suppose it came around full circle in the end, but still - vaguely lame camera work, dudes.

~Oi Kate! How could you not feel the WAVES of crazy coming off of Claire? You were going on about raising Aaron ("raised by another" - oh noes!) and she is trying to melt your face with her eyes, and you don't even see it! The folks over at Pajiba are chomping at the bit for Kate to die, but for Grags' sake, I hope she doesn't... although I wouldn't mind a bit of butt-kicking from crazy Claire.

~How many episodes do we get that don't have Jack in them AT ALL? Not very many, I'm sure.

~Where is Desmond! Come on, people! It might be one thing if he hadn't appeared AT ALL this season, but to pop in on the plane, and then hide away... too cruel, LOST, too cruel. I NEED to know that Penny and Charlie are OK. I suppose we can hope they are the folks coming to the Island, even though I liked Grags' idea of it being Walt...

~Have you all seen this picture of the LOST cast as the Last Supper? If you need an excuse to spend hours theorizing and researching possible meanings (and let's face it, you do, because you are a LOST fan), go check it out.

~I cannot wait for the Richard centric episode, which is basically going to be "History of the Island" - PSYCHED!!

~KEAMY! Anyone else feel that, for the flash-sideways, the writers are rolling character-named dice to see who pops up where? It was nice to see his creepy/sexy face again, if only briefly.

~And where was the odd moment of recognition we have had in all of the other sideways flashes? People have debated whether or not we had one in the Locke centric episode, but I thought I remembered one... help me out.

That's all for now. Hopefully Grags will be posting some funny videos later of us discussing it.