Sunday, February 22, 2009

Everybody is SICK

This was a weekend for the icky sickies!
(I will be vague whenever possible)

First off, Mom had food poisoning that got so bad, we had to take her to the Emergency Room for IV fluids. Her fever has come and gone all weekend, so she still doesn't feel up to par.
Then Dad and I both had random bouts of grossness... like I said, being vague for your benefit.
And then this evening, Brad started feeling awful, but he feels better now.
So we all had a pretty gross weekend, and I'm not sure everyone is healed up for the oncoming week.

Please pray for us (and don't drink after us, just in case).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ajira Airways

OK, so here is the boarding pass for Ajira Airways; notice the heiroglyphs.

Interesting facts:
*Ajira is Hindi for "island" or "isle"
*Ajira is Arabic for "afterlife"
*On the Ajira website there is an easter egg that links to the promotional video. In hexidecimal code, it say "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16 (Flight 316 to Guam)
*There is also an easter egg with this quote: "So off they started about Irish sport and shoneen games the like of lawn tennis and about hurley and putting the stone and racy of the soil and building up a nation once again and all of that." (From James Joyce's novel, Ulysses, which Ben is reading during the flight)

*There is a link for "Ajira: Adventures", that you can select as travel plans. They include.
---Australian Walkabout
---Polar Adventure
---Island Adventures
---Swimming with Sharks
---Excavation Ruins

---AUSTRALIAN WALKABOUT - Free your body, soul and mind from the material trappings of your 60 mph world. Come out to the wild western barrens of Australia and get lost on Ajira's latest adventure - The Walkabout. There's no parallel to this perilous journey, rise from your paralyzed existence, rid yourself of any mental baggage and learn to walk miraculously into the curing wonders of the wilderness. Your compass and your hunting abilities will be your only friends as the hard ground carves you into a real man. Come see what the Aborigines had in mind for this ancient rite of passage and boomerang your sense of self along the way. Over the desert and through the cavernous mountains to the Eden-coasts that stretch for thousands of miles, this world is yours and yours alone. Come on the authentic Walkabout, only on Ajira Adventures. Once you take this journey, you'll never want to leave.-Posted by Antonio B. MacCutcheon

---POLAR ADVENTURE - Escape your urban surroundings to discover the bleached beasts that are native to the southern hemisphere. When you go to the ends of the earth, you’ll never have to explain yourself to anyone under 800 pounds again. Every expedition into this barren territory is like discovering it 100 years ago, so go vaulting to the pole and conquer this breathtaking icecap covered wonderland for the first time.-Posted by Antonio B. MacCutcheon

---ISLAND ADVENTURES - Take a tropical getaway to the islands to heal what ails you. From under the canopy, where it’s dark during the day, to hopping treetops between the millions of species greeting you in the mist - the only way to embrace paradise is hands-on. The wild is calling, so get in the thick of it and discover your inner survivor.
Travel Tip: Teach your kids some origami to make the time fly by. Be sure to use your boarding pass... you never know what you might find hiding right inside. Click here for detailed folding instructions.-Posted by Antonio B. MacCutcheon

---SWIMMING WITH SHARKS - The deadliest divers in the seven seas are swimming for a living and waiting for your company. So go below the ripples and the wakes to uncover the watery world of a million living treasures. Gaze at the beautiful creatures until you’re deep blue in the face, but look sharp for the sharks - they rule this underwater jungle and you’re just here for a taste.-Posted by Antonio B. MacCutcheon

---EXCAVATION: RUINS - Discover the ancient secrets of the long lost Polynesian civilizations, timelessly preserved in the world’s largest humidor - the South Pacific. Descend the steps and explore the antechambers, halls and places of ritual worship. Scour the mossy fossils of our human ancestors and uncover each unique brick, richly decorated and placed with the precision of a modern architect.-Posted by Antonio B. MacCutcheon

Lots of information, but so fascinating. And I tried the origami thing; I must;ve folded mine wrong, because I did not get the correct code. try it for yourself.

Find out more here at Lostpedia!

I love Brian K. Vaughn (LOST)

SPOILERS for episode "316" of LOST, Season 5:

My first thought, when Jack opened his eyes, was, "OK, so you did not actually skip the most important two day period so far in this story?!"Of course, we had a lovely "46 Hours Earlier", and I knew we were in for quite a story.

Probably my favorite moment was when Hurley was waiting in the terminal reading Y: The Last Man. I literally starting clapping quietly to myself! So I'm guessing, JUST guessing, that Brian K. Vaughn directed this one. Either that, or his buddies are teasing him. But even those Amazons and Ampersand couldn't distract him from protecting a toom full of grumpy strangers. Hurley - instructed by whomever - got on this flight, but bought 78 tickets in order to keep as many other people safe as possible (very unlike Ben, whose reaction to the question of the other passengers, was, "Who cares?").

As soon as Ben left to "hand;e unfinished business", I started whispering, "Oh, if you kill Penny I will find you and murder you slowly." I said it several times under my breath throughout the episode. I said it loudly when we saw him at the marina, covered in blood with a broken arm!

Let's take a moment to address the creepiest thing Kate has E.V.E.R. done. Showing up in Jack's bed, looking dead (oh, only dead inside), obviously she has been crying for a long time. And when Jack asks her where Aaron is, she turns on him demanding that he NEVER ask him that again. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm... what?!? I gotta say, Kate, it is a more than valid question! And speaking of baby mommas acting cuh-razy, did Sun forget she has a daughter?

As for 'who told Hurley', well it could be any dead person, couldn't it? Maybe it was Libbey, finally returning his calls. Or Charlie. I miss Charlie.

I TOTALLY called that "316" meant Flight 316 for Ajira Airways. So we know that 'whenever' Sawyer and the group found that boat with the water bottle from Ajira, it was after this moment. I am so intrigued by the whole Ajira Airways concept. If you look closely at their boarding pass, you will notice the same five heiroglyphs that showed up after the countdown in the Hatch! (I will attach pics later, when the web isn't so lame).

What was your favorite part? I'm just glad no one's arm got ripped off - shudder.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Morning Realization

So I'm sitting at my desk. I'm going over documents and drawings to send to the customer, which is *oh* so exciting. I really want to take my shoes off (which I very often do), but we have international customers in the building, and I don't want to look silly. In my new desk setup, my feet are very visible to everyone who walks by me, and I am in a heavily trafficked area. I'm eating my fruit and yogurt parfait, complete with yummy granola sprinkles.

And I suddenly realize how incredibly blessed I am.

Really. I complain about this job (plenty), but I make a decent wage. I have health benefits. I get to carpool and save money on gas and tolls. I have the option to earn overtime. And I occasionally get a free sandwich (mmm, Jason's Deli).

I have the love of an amazing man. Brad is truly a blessing to me and to my family. He has a great family, whom we get to see soon. We are really developing similar passions; lately we have spent our free time studying wine, learning the regions and the varietals, how to pair with food, etc. And there is a pretty good chance that we are buying a house in the next few months!

I have wonderful friends. There is always someone who wants to watch a chick flick, grab a beer, obsess over Harry Potter, reminisce, go to an Astros game, go to the Chocolate Bar, play board games, or even put me in their portfolio. They bring me such joy in so many different ways.

I can spend a long time complaining. It is quite easy, most of the time, to feel heavy with burden. But all it takes is to sit back and really count your blessings, and your frustrated sigh turns into a giggle at somethign as simple as a text message.

I pray that you can sit back today and count your blessings. I promise you, they outweigh your burdens. Put down your stress about jobs, about relationships, about money, about weight, about time, and pick up the book.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Priorities, aka The End of The World

I opened My Yahoo today, scrolled down to "Yahoo News: Most Emailed - Odd News" and saw two different articles that started "Man calls 911 after [someone displeased them]".

Seriously. Really? Truly.

The fun part is the man who called because the fast food joint ran out of lemonade and the man who called because someone wouldn't sell him beer are not the same.

Two. Different. Guys.

The REALLY fun part is that they are both Floridians... make your own assumptions here.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Move In Monday

Well, today was the first day in our new office building, and things have been a bit crazy. Bitterness and catty-ness have flourished in the new environment, as can be expected, but the true joy of it is that with these new super close cubicles, I get to hear all of it whispered around me! Blech. I am not getting the brunt of it, or anything, just having to deal with it all. And one girl, who I have never had to deal with before, has managed (twice today) to mess with my stuff and piss me off!

Blessedly, I do not have rehearsal tonight, so I get to relax and go visit with friends. On a vague side note, please pray for me and for my friends; just stress and sickness and whatnot.

Rehearsals are going well. A few of these songs have REALLY COMPLEX harmonies (thanks, Schwartz), but that is the fun part.

Just a random update...feel free to ask questions, or just wait until my next rambling...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Messiah's Muggles

Hello Friends!

For those of you who do not know, my friend Grags and I have a blog / podcast dedicated to our Christian viewpoint on Harry Potter. Yeah, yeah, we're dorks, but we rock, so love it. Please go check it out, especially if you love Harry Potter, Jesus, or heck, even if you just love me! Listen to the podcasts; our overwhelming dorkiness is sure to bring a smile to your face:

Let me know what you think of it; Grags has updated the site and it is all spiffy and shiny now!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, today was Brad's first day in his new job. I haven't heard much from him today, as he was busy with all the learnin' and such. It was nice to wake up at the same time, though (read: nice for me). Let's hope everything was smooth!

I have rehearsal tonight, so wish me luck. We are working on the group numbers, and we are meeting at some tiny church to rehearse. Now, Ive rehearsed here before, but we shall see.

This week has started better than I thought it would, but we shall see. After all, it is only Monday...