Wednesday, September 3, 2008

People Suck

My parents' house got broken into yesterday. These guys came in by lifting the sliding back door off of its track. We have now added a "patio pin" so that it would be impossible to repeat. I want to say a HUGE and very public thank you to Kelly and her mother Caye (which I manage to never spell right...) for helping and suggesting what to do: Kelly's mom works with locks and security, so she knew just what to do. Many thank to the Dickey/Smith team.

My folks didn't lose a ton of stuff, mostly stuff you would expect:
*all of my mother's jewelry
*both DVD players
*all of their DVDs (except for a few, see following blog)

The more interesting and random items missing:
*almost all of the laundry baskets
*trash cans (for carrying things without suspicion, we suppose)
*our plastic blue cups that literally cost about $0.25 at Wal-Mart
*toenail clippers
And finally, sliced American cheese and bologna. That's right, folks. These guys wanted to make sandwiches on the go.

I know I am forgetting things, but oh well. They left the TVs and the computer, which is nice. They also left behind a HUGE mess, but it was just from emptying drawers everywhere - no broken glass or heinous spills.

We had to take a half day yesterday, so I have a lot to catch up on at work. Please keep my family in your prayers. Also, if anyone could burn the House seasons onto DVDs for my folks it would mean the world. It sounds petty, but it is true. They lost Seasons 1, 2 and 3 and they were borrowing my brand new Season 4 - all gone.

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Lauren said...

OH MY! Allison, I had NO idea! I am SO sorry- is everyone alright? I'll be praying for your family. Love you!