Monday, August 23, 2010

Wish List

Sometimes I like to make a list of the totally awesome stuff I find online. You know, in case someone wanted to get me a totally awesome gift.

I'm just sayin'...

Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale


Mother-of-Pearl Leaf necklace

Chaise Lounge with Storage

Basically anything from the Molecular Muse shop on Etsy

Shows on my To Watch list

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Freaks and Geeks
Doctor Who
Flight of the Concords
Battlestar Galactica (?)

So far I'm in season 2 of Buffy, thanks to Netflix Instant. F&G isn't on Instant, but I think it comes as one bulk set. Yeah, I know I'm lame for watching so much TV. Oh well. ;)

Teenage Nightmare

My sweet husband came home last night and asked me if I had heard the new Katy Perry song about "feeling up my skin tight jeans." I was definitely confused.

ME: Do you mean California Girls?
HUBS: No, this one is about teenagers and feeling up skin tight jeans. Hold on a sec...

Enter YouTube lyric videos. Allow me share with you (in case you don't listen to the radio or just change the station when dreck comes on, like me) the lyrics to the newest release from Katy Perry...

Teenage Dream

You think I’m pretty Without any makeup on
You think I’m funny When I tell the punchline wrong
I know you get me So I let my walls come down, down

Before you met me I was a wreck but things
Were kinda heavy You brought me to life
Now every February You’ll be my Valentine, Valentine

Let’s go all the way tonight
No regrets, just love
We can dance, until we die
You and I, will be young forever

You make me feel Like I’m livin’ aTeenage dream
The way you turn me on I can’t sleep
Let’s run away and Don’t ever look back, Don’t ever look back

My heart stops When you look at me
Just one touch Now baby I believe
This is real So take a chance and Don’t ever look back, Don’t ever look back

We drove to Cali And got drunk on the beach
Got a motel and Built a fort out of sheets
I finally found you My missing puzzle piece
I’m complete

Let’s go all the way tonight
No regrets, just love
We can dance, until we die
You and I, will be young forever

I’mma get your heart racing In my skin tights jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight
Let you put your hands on me In my skin tight jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight


Excuse me while I vomit.

Hubs and I tried to decide what was worse: that Perry is encouraging this behavior in teens or that she is singing to adults about the "remember when" feeling. Either way she is discussing teenagers getting drunk and having sex.


Now if you will excuse me, I need to go pray for the future of our world.

Monday, August 16, 2010

DIY Update and a great party

I now have the train case and a handful of records from madre's garage. Gracias! I am debating how to adapt the train case. I don't usually love the vintage look, but this one has an aged olive look that I love. We shall see.

Mom handed me a small stack of records, most of which I had never heard of. The exception was right on top: "Super Trooper" by ABBA. Is it awful that I'm really excited to melt-and-bowl it? I know 200 degrees isn't too hot, but it IS still August in houston, so we shall see when I get around to this.

I'm also really loving paper garlands right now (a bit late, I know). It looks like a fun, super simple project I could tackle while watching my shows. You know, if the kittens were asleep...

On an unrelated note, I saw this party idea on Hostess with the Mostess this morning, and I had to share it: They are having a 10 year wedding anniversary party and vow renewal in the theme of The Hangover - complete with Vegas trip! That sounds like So. Much. FUN!

Go check out her blog. It never fails to amuse and inspire me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Upcoming DIY

I got some wonderful DIY ideas reading my friend Erin's blog, She is in the process of painting a vintage train case. It got me thinking; my mother has an old one in their garage, and it could really use a new coat of paint. Plus some fun additions...

Erin also has a DIY instructional post about making vinyl record bowls. It looks super easy and pretty fun, so I have that on my mental to-do list.

Over lunch, I mentioned to Mom that I want to head to Half Price Books and find some good cheapy records. Long story (kind of) short, I'm getting free records AND the train case from their garage this afternoon! Woohoo! On one hand, I don't want to ruin good records (I know they have The Beatles and some other classics), but if they won't ever play again, it would be nice to make bowls out of records worth remembering. Plus, thanks to the nifty hole in the center, these are really easy to hang from the wall, which is essentially the only space left that is kitten proof.

I talk a big game about Do It Yourself projects, but I rarely complete them unless I have help. Something about ADD... what were we talking about?

Wish me luck on these projects!