Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reckless Honesty

I found an article that spells out my feelings on what I call 'unnecessary honesty'. PLEASE do not misunderstand me. Obviously honesty is important and necessary (and the best policy), but there is a line between things that should and should not be said, especially in relationships. The article described the most common mistakes in dating and marriage; as number 5, he listed "reckless honesty".

"Honesty's a great thing in general, but it's really overrated at certain times. Cases in point: You don't actually want to hear that your dress makes you look heavy, and he could live without knowing that your number of ex-lovers is in the double digits. "Couples make the mistake of thinking that they have to learn everything about each other and share all their thoughts and have no secrets, but that's simply not true,"says Stephens. "I call it reckless honesty when you're revealing stuff that doesn't have a constructive purpose and will do more harm than good." And believe it or not, that includes your frustrations with each other. "Not all annoyances need to be addressed and dissected," says Goldsmith. "Sometimes, bringing up a small temporary pet peeve will only serve to insult and offend your partner; it's often best to try to deal." So you hate his new sweater - whatever. He'll get sick of it eventually. Really, just think about the greater good: a happy union where you get each other but not every teeny thing about each other."

I have never been able to explain it very eloquently, but I feel the same way. I'm not saying that you should keep secrets from those you love, I'm just suggesting that not every fact is worth mentioning and that some are insignificant enough to leave out.

Can't we all think of a time that someone told us something and we thought, "Really? Did you need to say that to me?!"

Good Day so far

We have been very stressed over money lately, and today we put a small one in the win column. At least for a while we can breath a little easier. Thank you, God.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Seriously, hurry up November.

Post Secret, cont'd

More Post Secret postcards. Some are funny, some are sad, some just make you think. I just saved these because they stirred something in me, whether good, bad or unfamiliar.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hussy Hayden

We have an addition for my list of People-Who-Give-Me-A-Reason-To-Lose-Respect...please welcome Hayden Panettiere!! I loved her in "Remember the Titans", and she was fun in "Heroes", but JEEZY CREEZY!!!
If you watched this music video on mute it would be offensive enough. Seeing as how she VERY recently put away her Jail Bait badge and shows off her THONG (basically) in there. But then, OH then, you listen to the words.
"It seems like I gotta do wrong
to get your attention
but maybe when i call this man up
you’ll finally start to wake up

I think i’m gonna have to cheat
to keep your eyes on me
but maybe if i make you jealous
you’ll finally start to wake up"

Excuse me? Please, PLEASE let me share this video with you:

Feel free to read WIMB's opinions.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


How sad that the first truly theatrical thing I do out of college, the first time I actually pull from my wonderful education, is for a puppet show at my job.

Long story short, GE just wrote a fat check to the Texas Children's Hospital - yea GE! In honor of that (or something) a group from my office is going to go perform a puppet show for some of the kids at the end of July. I just got recruited this week, and I got my puppet today. Her name is Linda. She is one of the narrators of the Three Little Pigs story. And she loves to dance!

The script is so bad it makes my tummy hurt. And my hand is cramping. But 'wah', this is what we do. PLUS if I ever audition for Avenue Q I can say I have puppet experience, however limited.

As much as I would like to complain about how silly this is, it is nice to use my gifts. Plus I know how fulfilling it will be when we are at the hospital. We are also going to a few rooms, for kids who cant leave their beds, to read books and stories. Hopefully sans-puppet, but we shall see. I just really hope this can be a blessing for those children and for the staff.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Final Thoughts on Runway Ep 1

Top Three
Daniel: I loved this dress, even though the plastic sheen made it almost look cheap.
Kelli: WINNER! Not the prettiest thing, but the most impressive and interesting.
Korto: Great use of color, fun shapes.

Bottom Three
Stella: Blech - awful. Lets see if it was a fluke...
Jerry: He is creepy and too full of himself. He reminds me of that older guy from season three who kept saying things "got him off". BYE BYE!!
Blayne: Edgy diaper, bathing suit creature? I hate that he is still here...

I love that I called the bottom three half way through. I very nearly quoted Kelli as the one that gave off the best vibe, but I digress.

Project Runway Season 5

OK, first of all I managed to hear about this for the first time this past weekend!!! I could have missed the premiere - weird.

My first impression of most of the designers was not pleasant. Blayne and Jerry both made me a bit queasy. Stella is obnoxious; I really hope she goes home (it is half way through the episode). The others havent really made much impression yet. I may write more afterwards.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dream Destinations

List of destinations I aspire to explore:

*Castle Drogo (in Devon, outside of Exeter)

-Some believe that it was named after Drogo Baggins, father of Frodo (LotR). I feel a strange connection to castle ruins surrounded by green landscape. I have two coffee table books of Bird's Eye View of England and Scotland; it almost makes my eyes water. Truly, the weird thing is the vague feeling of nostalgia... seeing as how I have never been.

*Dubrovnik, Croatia

-Did you know that the tie was 'invented' in Croatia? It was originally called the cravat, which is derived from "hrvat" which means Croatia. It made its way to France during the 30 Years War in the 17th century, where the French adopted the style. Of course, the tie has little (or nothing) to do with my desire to visit. My main reason is the beautiful culture, specifically the street acapella and fascinating alcohol. Plus I would love to see the church Bammel has helped establish.

*Brussels, Belgium

-I would be lying if I pretended that beer was not my main cause for desire in this case. They have hundreds of different beers; they have a beer for every palette For example if you prefer sweet drinks, try this: set a shot of apple schnapps on fire, then pour apple beer over the top (Flamme de Biere). Only in Brussels, am I right? I must go to Delrium Cafe...


-Well, do I need to explain it? It is gorgeous.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Responding to Lauren (and apparently Ruth)

I just read Lauren's blog, which was a response to another blog about age. It makes some very interesting points that I have thought about and discussed with friends.

*At what point do you become an adult?
*At what point do you feel like an adult?

Who hasn't thought about these things, really? I know I certainly feel like an adult when I am doing the pay-all-of-your-bills-on-time dance, but I feel far from it when I sit at my desk wondering how I got into this job I can't wrap my brain around. Coming home and cooking dinner for my husband is pretty adult, by most standards, but sitting around watching TV while a mess stacks up in the entire (impossibly-small) apartment definitely reminds me of younger days (i.e. college). And no, in direct response to Lauren's blog, being married does not mean I am suddenly or completely grown up. I kind of wish it did, even though a lot of "grown up" stuff sucks, like bills and the like.

Honestly, this feeling of not being "old enough" is one reason I am not emotionally ready to have kids. Also, I don't feel financially stable enough to be responsible for another persons' needs. I'm just being honest. There are so many great couples at our church who should be in our age bracket socially, but they have kids, so there is some "great divide" in our social activities and availabilities. Our song leader and his wife are basically my age (or at least between mine and Brad's) and they have two kids! I am so happy for them, but I cannot imagine it for myself! Not yet, at least. Brad and I will be so blessed and happy when God gives us children, but there is nooooooo rush on my part. And I trust that, when we do get pregnant, it will mean that God knows we are ready, so I will trust him. I just hope he agrees with me that we are not quite there yet.

I ask myself if there is a switch, too, but who knows? I think there is one, but it gets flipped on and off constantly. I am thankful for that, in a way, because sometimes growing up is really scary, so it is nice to have juvenile reprieve!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

XM 9 = happy

My new car (to be pictured later) includes three free months of XM radio. This is a (genius) ploy to spoil me so that I choose to pay for it later. I do love it, but not for more than $10 a month, which Im betting it costs. I have a few favorites already. XM 20 is "Top Twenty on Twenty" so it is current hits, mnay of which I can enjoy if I dont pay attention. XM 28 is "On Broadway", so that is fun. XM 150 is one of the uncensored comedy channels, so I laugh a lot. But today my joy was coming from XM 9, "The 90's". I listening to this on my way to work and I heard "Mambo Number 5" and it made my day! Seriously, do you remember this song? Not a great work of art by any stretch, but a fun beat and lots of silly memories. It made me think of Thespian conventions, and the dances we went to at Internationals in Nebraska. Ah, youth.