Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So much has happened:
Brad and I went to the Maxim/Bud Light Hook Up party last week - AWESOME!
Brad's birthday was Friday, June 22 and we went out to Pappas Steakhouse; unbelievably delish! Then we went to Drink Houston and got on the radio; Brad got to do his Borat voice on 104.1 KRBE (which is probably b/c Carson thought I was totally cute, which I am...)
I helped Rachel choreograph a few songs for Little Shop of Horrors on Sunday. It was really fun, except now my shoulder is really sore. I didn't stretch properly (for shame!) before the "air guitar"... foolish, rookie mistake!
The Astros finally beat the Rangers (1 out of 3) and Hunter Pence still has my devoted fandom. Swing for the fence, Pence!
Biggio is moments away from the big 3000, and I think he may actually get to hit it in H-town! Shenoa might even be at that game.
This Saturday Brad and I (and possibly lots of friends) are going to the racetracks to see Merle Haggard (there is no way I spelled that right). It should be...... interesting.
Oh, and it was Krusty the Clown, with the Extend-O Glove in Krusty-Lu Studios!

Friday, June 22, 2007

For Grags

And my other nerd friends
I found these, and they made me happy. If you are a Harry Potter fan (and/or just think those kids are growing up kind of hot), check these out.

Death Trap 2

Formerly known as the Hellevator
Eleven days ago I wrote a blog about roller coasters and why I do not ride them.
Allow me to remind you.
I found this headline on my webpage this morning: "Girl's Feet Severed At Ky. Amusement Park". As you can imagine I was concerned and terrified. These people were riding one of those "Tower of Terror" types of rides where you rise and fall at alarming rates and more alarming heights. Well, something malfunctioned (SHOCK) and it came crashing to the ground. One young woman had her feet severed at the ankle. Just gone. And she was in such shock she wasn't crying or screaming, just looking at her ankles thinking, "Something about this is not right..." Other people on the scene, however, had the panicking (sp?) covered.
So in case anyone ever wanted to ask me to join them on a roller coaster, "I'm good."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

So Blessed

As Is He
I would just like to state that I am very blessed to have found such a wonderful man who cares for me so much. I would also like to state that he is pretty darn blessed to have me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


What Irks Me
Allow me to be political for a moment:
President Bush vetoed (or will) a bill referring to stem cell research. The Democrats are having a field day about how unfair it is, especially Nancy Pelosi. She actually issued this statement to the public:
"By vetoing a bill that expands stem cell research, the president will say 'no' to the more than 70 percent of Americans who support it, 'no' to our Democratic Congress' fight for progress, and 'no' to saving lives and to potential cures for diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson's," Pelosi wrote. "He will say 'no' to hope."
She accuses him of ignoring a "fight for progress" and actively avoiding "saving lives". This is immature and unitelligent. It goes beyond mud-slinging into silly, playground name-calling! Yes, that's it Nancy, the President does not want people to get better, he wants all sick people to die. What a ridiculous arguement! ESPECIALLY when you consider the statement made explaining Bush's position on ste cell research:
"The president supports and encourages stem cell research, including using embryonic lines, as long as it does not involve creating, harming or destroying embryos," Fratto said. "That is an ethical line that should not be crossed."
Bush supports using stem cells to cure diseases and aid in recovery. He simply will not ethically stand by the baby-killing part of it. What a creep, huh? You can use embryonic stem cells without a dead baby - there are tons in the placenta and umbilical cord. Also, there are non-embryonic ways to harvest them. So Bush says 'Have at it, just don't murder any children'.
Yeah, what a jerk...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Or a Lack Thereof
Thanks to my A.D.D. I have never really been able to establish patterns. Most people, after a certain young age, learn a set of procedures they do, in roughly the same order, every morning. This never stuck with me. I still forget basic, obvious things. The reason my room is generally dirty is because I let little things slip, and they pile up. Quite literally. Sometimes, I will be sitting on my bed reading, thinking, "Man I really need to clean up", or "Man, I really need to do laundry", and I just SIT THERE thinking about how it needs to get done. Part of this, of course, is a matter of discipline. Most of it, even. But there is a small link or something missing from my brain.
However, I am pleased to announce, I have started to fight back. Once you win enough little battles, it becomes easier to convince yourself "you can". For the past three weeks or so, my room has remained clean. I mean looks-like-I-just-cleaned-it clean. I make my bed every morning. I have NEVER consistently made my bed. Sometimes when I am changing, I throw clothes on the ground. But now, if I do that, I immediately pick it back up and put it in my clothes hamper - in the correct compartment! That's right - darks, lights and dry clean/hand wash. Plus, another thing I could never get the hang of; I now lay out my next-day-clothes every night! Well, every night I am working the next day, and usually for church.
These probably sound like little things to most people, but this is monumental for me. For example, my last blog about saving money - that is huge. For roughly a year now I have put money away every month, every paycheck even. It is so liberating to finally feel like I do truly have control over things in my life. The downside is I now feel doubly responsible, but it would probably be a good step for me to stop "blaming things" on my A.D.D.
For the last three consecutive nights, I have done a little workout right before I go to bed. It isn't the most incredible workout, but the point is I do it every night (so far). Pushups, crunches, lifts, a little in-place jogging; just a touch of the important stuff.
I am so excited to reach this point, and I hope it only goes up from here. Wish me luck, and keep me in your prayers.

Saving Money

Spending Money
I have spent quite a bit of time trying to squirrel away money, knowing I would need it. It has been a great comfort to me to know that I had, if nothing else, "emergency money" tucked away. However, the purpose of saving money is to spend it later, and I suddenly have LOTS of places for that money to go. Buy a car, plan vacations, 'family festivities', future apt to consider - It can be daunting. I am greatly looking forward to these events and purchases, it just startles me knowing that thanks to the American economy and mind-set, it is practically INEVITABLE to go into debt. It literally gives me anxiety from time to time.
Money is so interesting, and value can be so relative. This money I have put away, to some people (my age and younger) sounds like so much. But to others (mostly older, more financially experienced adults) it seem pathetic and weak. I am proud of my efforts, however miniscule, and I intend to keep squirrelling away what I can.
But I'm nervous...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spring Awakening

Take Me There
Tell me you don't want to see this (and I will call you a liar)!

Check out the website where I found the video:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

People I Look Like

Or So I Am Told

According to friends and family, I look like these people:
Mandy Moore

Julia Stiles

Leann Rimes - by the way, when did Leann Rimes become a slut? I did an image search and the whole first page she was practically nude. Weird...

I can sort of see it some of the time... who do you think I look like?

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Tony Awards

Great Choices and Great Dresses

Well, most of them were great.

And Spring Awakening won 8 out of it's 11 nominations, including Best Musical!!! I am so excited! If you aren't familiar with this show, fix it. Buy it on Amazon right now and prepare to fall in love.

Death Trap

Why I Do Not Ride Roller Coasters
As if being upside down and going really really fast isn't bad enough. As if being upside down and not moving at all isn't bad enough. These poor people stayed like this for 30 minutes!!!
My favorite part of this article has to be this horrifying quote: "The cause could be a (tree) limb or as simple as an animal (on the lines)..."
Yes friends, that right, if a squirrel scampers across a live wire you could be stuck in the air eagerly awaiting death on some stupid roller coaster. OR you could be safe on the ground in a spinning teacup with me...
Take your pick!

Friday, June 8, 2007

My Own Words

From Someone Else's Mouth

Grags, you have done it again. You have written words that so brilliantly capture my own feelings (at least most of them). This blog (excluding all of that Star Wars stuff.....) almost made my eyes water because it made me realize how much I miss being sleep deprived and hungry and HATING the monologue I was about the stumble through. I mean it, parts of our educational experience were hell, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Well, maybe some people would have been deleted or moved around, but the education, the rehearsals, the scenes, the recitals, the rush of a curtain call (be ye Bug or McFuzz) are forever ingrained in my mind and I long for it.

Now I have a life (yea!), but I'm not sure how to balance both worlds. I want to keep spinning that plate, but I don't know how. I know, I know, 'give it up to God', but I still have to do the work, you know? I can't just say, "Here God, make me a well-adjusted actor above the poverty line - GO!" It does not work like that.

Oh Grags, what I wouldn't give for a 12:30am rehearsal (even if it was for Gypsy...having to kiss Peter... ok, maybe another scene...)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Jail Bird Flies Free

Dirty Bird
Paris Hilton is out of jail after serving three of her 23 day sentence. Oh wait, it was 45 days right? What, 90 days? Why that poor heiress, I am SO glad she was excused from that irritance.
Raise your hand if this makes you want to cry? Yes, I'm angry, frankly outraged, but more than anything else, it just makes me sad. Too bad those of us without money have rules to follow. What happens when she actually kills someone by driving drunk? And for that matter, can you imagine the conversation between Lohan and Hilton next week? All 'Ha ha, I know, they SAW the coke and I still didn't go to jail!', and 'Please, like they could hold me in jail, have you seen me?'.
These women are being looked up to by countless young women, girls who have subconsciously learned that 'rich and famous' is a goal to aim for, as in "What do you want to be when you grow up?".
I pray that mothers and big sisters across the countryare sitting down with their little girls and explaining about good and bad role models. If not, we will have an up-and-coming generation of coke-sniffing sluts who don't know why they get punished for their actions.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Poducer's Tour
(Yes, it is misspelled on purpose)
Speaking of Lara (last post), she just got a role in an international tour of The Producers - how cool is that?!? She has an ensemble role, plus she is the understudy for Ulla, so she will get to do that for several shows.

Summer changes

OK, so I recently saw a picture of myself at 2006 ACU Theatre Banquet, and I looked great. I'm not just being vain, I'm saying things have changed... I think I am going to start tanning again. Tuesday mornings used to be the best, b/c Lara and I would get up at 5:45 am (eeek!), go get breakfast on campus, then go tan at The Hot Spot for their $2 Tuesday special. The whole day was just better after that.
While I'm "improving myself", I think I'm gonna give in and get some whitening strips. Cause... yeah... not so white. I think these changes will only improve my cute, new haircut.