Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Natasha Wescoat

Last Thursday night I went to the Maple Leaf pub (in Midtown) for a pub quiz. I had a great time. Frankly, I had too much fun, and I had to retrieve my car late the next morning. But that is neither here nor there.

I used the restroom while I was there, and they had the most beautiful print on the wall. It was trees, so automatically you know I loved it. I asked a bartender about it, and he was able to tell me they purchased it from ImageKind, which is a CafePress company. Neato burrito. He didn't know the artist, but the initials looked like MW.

I looked it up and found Natasha Wescoat (close enough), and I am a smitten kitten. She has whole galleries just of these swirly trees, and the are very reasonably priced. Here are some of my faves:

Oktoberfest at Minute Maid Park

This looks like an amazing deal. I wish we could go, but we are taking a trip to Dallas the following weekend and we shouldn't add this on. Too bad.

“Oktoberfest” Details

Friday, October 1, 2010

Come out and enjoy Oktoberfest with the Houston Astros as they take on the Chicago Cubs on Friday, October 1st, 2010. Sample beers from around the world, including special Oktoberfest brews. Your ticket to this event will include admission to the ballgame, six, two ounce beer tastings of your choice and a bratwurst. Full sized servings of the sample beers may be purchased at regular price at the event.

Tickets for the event may be purchased below. For group ticket purchases of 20 or more, contact David Low at 713-259-8382 or

Location: Conoco Home Run Alley
Time: 5:30 – 7th Inning

Tickets and Pricing: Tickets for the event are being sold on the Heritage Page ( Tickets will include admission to the game, six 2oz beer tastings and a bratwurst. Tickets are offered in three seating levels:

Field Box : $34
Bullpen: $27
Mezzanine: $24

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday

Just because it makes me super happy:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Painting in the Park at Minute Maid Park

I received this fun offer from the Astros. I doubt I could go, but I wanted to put the idea out there. Sounds fun!


Join the Houston Astros & Pinot's Palette for "Painting at the Park" on Saturday, September 18th. Local Houston artists will lead you step-by-step to complete the special featured painting "Night Out at the Park," while you sip wine & mingle with other Astros fans!

The event will start at 3:15pm with painting beginning promptly at 3:45pm, and conclude at 5:45pm. The Houston Astros vs Cincinnati Reds game will begin at 6:05pm.

Haven't picked up a paintbrush since grade school? No problem! The artists of Pinot's Palette will break the painting into very simple steps, and you'll have created your very own masterpiece before you know it!

A ticket to this event will include: one mezzanine level seat, admission to the painting class in Champions Pavilion and two glasses of wine, all for $50. Already have a ticket to the game? Choose the $40 option that includes admission to the class and two glasses of wine.

Don’t forget that Robert Earl Keen will be playing a free post-game concert that evening!

For information and tickets, go to or call Richard Tapia at 713-259-8303

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fresh Start

I took a deep, fresh breath when I woke up this morning. I felt relieved. I felt a modicum of peace. And I thought to myself,

"We're gonna make it."

I attended the introductory class for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University last night. I didn't learn anything yet, but just being there, just watching the intro video and hearing peoples' testimonies, I felt relief. Brad and I officially start the class next Wednesday, and I am so excited.

I know changing our lifestyles and habits will be difficult, and that at times it will be an emotional strain on us both. Here is the difference: we will be arguing about money, but working towards an agreed-upon solution. We will be slowly fixing the problem. We will be climbing this uphill struggle, but climbing together and leaning more on God.

My parents took this class last year, and I used the opportunity to look through their books. I even spent some time doing the workforms. One downside to that is that now I am impatient to get to that part, and we need to start at the beginning.

We need to look at our emotional connection to money, to food, to STUFF. Thrifty Decor Chick wrote an excellent blog this morning about her attachment to "stuff", and I found it inspiring. We all have those items in life that we buy because "it is only $2.99" or "I will probably use this someday". Those things add up, and a lack of storage space is only one of the negative side effects.

Our generation has this mindset of entitlement. It varies from person to person, but I think we all have it.
*I spent four (or more) years earning a college degree, so I should be making more money.*
*I've worked hard for this paycheck, I should be able to go out and have fun.*
*I've been responsible all week, I can splurge on this new lamp (fill in the blank).*

I want to live a life with less "should" statements. I want to focus on what I actually have. And most importantly, I want a life that isn't so incredibly focused on money.

Ramsey pointed out that the Bible contains more verses about money than it does about love. That's huge, people, because God says love is the most important thing, the most important rule. The point Ramsey made was that God knows where our earthly focus wants to be, so we should strive for financial peace *in order to focus on more important thing, like love, faith and family*.

I am excited to take this step towards God and towards a more spiritually focused life. Please pray for me and Brad as we embark on this challenge.