Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yep, crappy morning...

So far, I was definitely right.

I swear on my stack of Harry Potter books, if they try to force me to pay them for their mistake, it will be on the day I formally look for a new job.

GE can suck it.

Morning... blech

You know how sometimes you can just tell that you are going to have a bad day?

I'm feelin' in... something about the work load ahead, something about the 3 questions I have already been asked this morning about the move that I had no idea how to answer, something about this company trying to screw me out of money that I shouldnt even be paying... something is just wrong with today.

Wish me luck, and hope that I'm wrong.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Important Petition for the Arts

Here is a link to a grass-roots petition to have a Secretary of Arts created under the Obama Administration. To get a cabinet level position instated in the government would be MOMUMENTAL and so helpful for the arts, arts funding, and arts education.

So follow the link, sign the petition and forward this message on to all you know!

"To: President Barack Obama,

Congratulations and thank you for all you do.

Your good friend Quincy Jones said: " conversation I have with President Obama is to beg for a Secretary of Arts." [November 14th 2008 WNYC interview by John Schaefer on "Soundcheck."]

We the undersigned support Quincy Jones' plea.

Thank you."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dignity and Pride

(steps up onto soap box)


I love hearing black comedians talk about the "African American" issue. Or even white comedians that are 'honorary black men'. For example, Ralphie May is a big ol' white dude, but when you watch his shows, his audience is probably 3/4 black.

He did a bit once where he asked how many of the audience had ever been to Africa. One guy stood up. "Oh, well kuma lei, laka lama ma tuwei (continued tribal-sounding gibberish)." He then addressed the rest of the room, saying "The rest of you is black folk!"

When young black men talk about their heritage, their peoples' suffering, it makes me sad. If half of them really had any understanding for what that all meant, they wouldn't flash it out like a business card, like an entitlement issue.

Black Americans should be proud of their history. As a group, they suffered (and still do, on a level) great injustices at the hands of caucasian Americans. They have persevered through much, stood proud and tall, worked hard to defeat their own surroundings. Stayed faithful and true to themselves in the face of great adversity.

But if I hear another teenaged punk throw around the sob story of 'what he deserves, what white people owe him' or even mentions slavery, I am going to lose it. The history of that culture is not about riding on the coattails of your ancestors. The history of that culture is not about shirking work or entitlement. But it will become their history if young black Americans don't start taking pride in their own, personal value.

If you want to quote me the suffering of your ancestors, do so with pride. Tell me how hard they worked in the face of pain. Tell me how they sang songs to God, thanking him for each breath. Tell me how they fought for their rights, how they wouldn't stand down. Tell me that they were in jail, not because they shot someone who disrespected them, but because they refused to humiliate themselves to entertain someone. Tell me they were in the first group of Black voters ever. THAT was earned! THAT is pride! THAT is dignity!

This right here, this picture... this is nothing to be proud of.

(steps off of soap box)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dylan Love on Letterman!

Some of you may recognize this name from my "Cool Blogs" Archive in the right-hand side bar. Others of you will remember a blog I wrote about him ages ago. And, to be fair, most of you have no idea who he is.

Dylan is a hilarious young man making his way through life, one seriously-random blog at a time. In my previous blog entry, I described him: "Dylan Love, the funniest guy to be on Letterman without being on it." Well, sweet Dylan soon after informed me that he HAD, in fact been on Letterman! Check out his blog where he pieces together his clips. Yes, he is the strange, blond man..... yes, the one meowing..... Trust me: read his blogs, I PROMISE he has charisma! Acting dumb is just one of his many talents...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Moms are funny...

My mother has actually taken to using LOLspeak on an occassional basis.

This morning a large semi-truck put on it's blinker to move into our lane. My mom (like me) is a somewhat nervous driver, always on the defensive. So her response was, "It's like that LOLcat. 'No sitz, no sitz! I'z here!'"

I love my mom.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Harry Potter LOLs

Here are some of my favorite LOLs ever to be made concerning Harry Potter.

Monday, January 5, 2009

"This is husband, Nudo." "This is wife, E'gro."

I just found the worst, funniest thing. If you haven't ever seen an 'Indexed' strip, check them out... well, unless this one offends you...