Friday, November 14, 2008

So Far, Best Birthday Ever!

OK, I know it is only 8:30am on my bday, but technically the fun started yesterday. I had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with my family - yum! Everything was delicious. Brad gave me presents at the restaurant. Guys, he did so well! He got me the Sports Nights 10th Anniversary Edition boxset, which I blogged about months ago. it has new interviews, gag reels, lots of fun stuff. He also got me an iTunes gift card, bc he wasnt sure what CD to buy. He tried to find Raining Jane, which just shows how well he listens. He also picked out two beautiful long-sleeved tops from Express; one deep teal and the other black and pink with a big fleur-de-lis on the front. Way to go, Bradley!

My folks gave me a $50 DISNEY gift card! SWEET!!

After dinner, Brad and I wandered over to Del Friscos Double Eagle Steakhouse in the Galleria. It has been there close to a year, but we dont get to that side of town as much anymore. It is GORGEOUS on the inside! The ambience was incredible, and their wine list is really impressive. We sat at the bar for a drink. Our waiter, Joe, came over and decided to tell us everything there si to know about that restaurant. I mean that in a good way; we were not bored. We had lots of questions and such. Joe asked if we has seen the upstairs bar yet (where they have TVs), and we hadnt. He said, "Come on up there and check it out; I'll buy you a drink." So of course we went up there. It is also beautiful, but a bit more of a fun attitude. And the Cosmo was ssttrroonngg, but yummy. So if you feel like a fun drink, or an expenisve and worthy steak, check out Del Friscos. If you sit in the bar, make sure and ask for Joe - he will take great care of you!

So then this morning I woke up pretty hungry. In our office, we have a Breakfast Club, so every Friday a few people bring enough yummy for everyone in the group. I was kind fo grumbling in the car that "there had better be something good, because I am really hungry today". Well, one of the guys who brought for everyone brought a special breakfast for me for my birthday! he heard me talking to someone yesterday abotu how I hadnt had a bagel Dog (from Einstein Bros) in AGES, so he went there and got me one PLUS a fruit-topped muffin thing. It smelled SO GOOD in my cubicle this morning! So I had special yummy this morning.

**Grags just sent me the iTunes album Jingle Spells, which is all Wizard Rock Christmas music!!**

Wish me luck tonight - Howl At The Moon is gonna be fun!

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