Tuesday, December 23, 2008

!*!*!Merry Christmas!*!*!

Hello All!

Just a quick update on life as it was, is and ever shall be.

Alex is not coming home for Christmas; he is staying in New York with his girlfriend. Long story short, she couldnt go home to see her family, so he stayed with her. For some selfish reaosn, my first reaction was anger (really, I'm not sure), but I now see that it is perfectly precious of him. Smart, too, because travel is so expensive, but it will be nice for them to spend time alone, together for the holidays.

Brad and I will also get a small bit of private Christmas. The folks are traveling to Louisiana for a weekend, so we can snuggle and drink hot cocoa alone. And maybe try out some of our new presents. (Don't tell him, but I got Brad [whispers]... he will love that, right?)

We will celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary next Monday, the 29th. Wow. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday, and other days it seems like years ago. We are having dinner at Pappas Steakhouse as our last splurge in a VERY long time. We have been doing so unofficially, but in January we are officially saving up for a house!! Please pray for those endevaors, as it will not be easy.

We are also going to go see "Spring Awakening" in January - SQUEE! We have already paid for them, so they wont count as a January splurge. I cannot wait! I fell in love with that show the moment I heard "Touch Me" on Broadway radio. I really hope Brad likes it.

Speaking of shows, I was recently cast in "Working: the Musical", with music by Stephen Schwartz. It is being produced at ACE Theatre, which is partially run by Rachel's folks. There is no one in the show that I really know (other than Wayne directing), but a few are familiar. Oh well, new friends. I haven't sung on stage in years. Come to think of it, I haven't acted on stage in years, unless you count that puppet show for the Texas Children's Hospital... and I don't... The show goes up in April, so if you are in Houston during April, feel free to come on out. I didn't get the super-fun song I wanted, but I get to sing two pretty songs.

I got the see Morgan for the first time in a year, and finally meet Andy, this past weekend! Can you believe it had been a year?!? I had not seen her since my wedding. And now we are planning hers! Andy is fun and funny, of course. Nice deep, baritone/bass voice. I am looking forward to hearing him sing, but I didn't really want to ask him while walking downtown. They are having an engagement party next week, but Brad most likely has to work. Bugger.

The only real downer right now (in my immediate future) is New Year's Eve. [sigh] Kelly and James will be in Dallas for that stupid party, and Morgan and Andy will be in Dallas at Andy's family ranch. Brad will be workign, and my dad has to work the next morning, so it will probably end up being me and my mom, watching chick flicks with a bottle of wine. Yes, that does sound delightful, but for NYE you want something a little loud or crazy, you know? NYE never seems to work that way for me, though. Fun, usually, but not the big party I picture. Maybe ever. [again, sigh]

I wrote out a "family newsletter" for us (stop rolling your eyes - rude!), but I still haven't mailed them... because I'm Allison... so oh well, they will arrive late.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe Holiday!

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