Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We have survived Hurricane Ike.
The storm was Friday night. It is now the earliest part of Wednesday, and my parents still do not have power. They are spending most of their free time with us and spending the night at Margaret's. Mom and I still havent gone into work. Our building sustained damage - flooding - so we have been rerouted to another location. However, my mother and I cannot do our jobs without our personal computers, which we cannot reach. PLUS it is extremely difficult to find/reach/buy gas right now, so our "supervisor" finally told us to stay put until that changes. No point in driving across town if you cant get back home, right? At least we are salaried, so we wont lose any pennies over this. Perry's is open, so Brad will start trying to pick up shifts tomorrow.
We spent Saturday night in College Station. I was kind of unprepared, so I had no books to read at night (when I inevitably could not sleep). I ended up reading one of Michael's books... that's right, I finally succumbed to the Twilight series. I got 1/3 through in C.S., then we hit up a Half Price Books on the way home and i bought it. I just finished it about a half an hour ago. She includes the preface and first chapter of book two in the back, and now I am a little bit anxious to find that one. That first chapter (in New Moon) certainly grabs your attention. Maybe a HPB will be open tomorrow... Now, it is no Harry Potter, but I suspected as much.
Lacy and I both have birthdays coming up in November, and we will be turning "One Quarter of a Century", so we want to have a big themed shindig. Im thinking up ideas, somehing that would work for our mixed group of friends. Any of you in Houston or Dallas or Lubbock, please plan ahead.

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