Friday, October 24, 2008

Raining Jane

Everything we want is not what we need

Leaning on the love that is in between

I wait another minute to see this through

Waiting to let go 'til you let go too

I discovered a delightful band this week. I got to enjoy a Raining Jane concert at the House of Blues. These chicks know how to put on a fun show! The music created by Mai, Becky, Chaska and Mona (as is the order on the Paper Nest cover) comes pouring out of their souls.

The performance was very telling to their personalities: Mona (the percussionist) was farthest left on her cajon (box-like drum), followed by Mai and Chaska on guitars with Becky falling to the right with her bass. Chaska and Mai seemed to be enjoying their groove; they moved in time with the strokes of their guitars, smiles on their beautiful faces. It was the girls on the outside, however, who were so entertaining to watch. Mona was going CUH-RAZY on this drum! She used her bare hands, as is the practice, and she also used a few brush wands for a different sound. She wore a tambourine/bell contraption around her ankle so that she could tap her leg in time. She also had a little table of shakers, bells and fun noise-toys. Her beautiful, full hair was flying around as she threw her entire body into creating this music! She made funny faces (either to entertain or out of pure passion, and probably both) and flailed around in the most amazing accidental dance. I am telling you friends, I have never seen someone have so much fun in my life, and I wanted to join her! Then we have Becky to the right. I certainly mean no disrespect, because she was very talented, but she had such a look of concentration that she almost appeared bored. She barely moved! It would not have even been worth mentioning except for the stark contrast. What an eclectic group of women!

Mai has degrees in Psychology and Women's Studies. She has been playing cello from a young age and has been using it for RJ in increasing amounts.

Chaska has a long family history involving music; her great-grandparents were in a traveling singing group called "Cheeruptimus" from 1890 to 1920. **Incidentally, her great-grandfather's name was James Potter, which makes it even better!** She went to UCLA with a volleyball scholarship; it helps to be 6'1 by the age of 14!

Mona works part-time as a Speech and Debate coach. This does not in any way surprise me. What did surprise me a bit was her "Dream Career"- according to her bio, she dreams of being the first female Persian rapper/whistler...... it's always good to have goals.

Becky majored in English with a minor in Music History. Only an educational background like that could place someone in classes like West African drumming and mariachi guitar, while making your favorite book the dictionary! She also loves Hamlet, which only makes her cooler in my sight.

These amazing girls make amazing music, and I suggest you instantly head over to iTunes and check out Paper Nest. Go ahead, scoot! After that, check out my InEveryWoman blog to hear about their volunteering efforts.

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