Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Wish List

I posted a blog last August with a random wish list. I was reading it, and it really made me smile. Mainly because one of the things on this list was tickets to Disney World, because I missed it. I posted that on August 10, 2007, and on August 10, 2008 Brad and I arrived in Orlando for the trip of our lives! How fun is that?!?

Now, onto more current matters. People, mostly family, have been passing around "wish lists" for Christmas, so I decided I would post a few things here for fun. Here goes:
*Mini Fridge
*Gift Cards (Disney, Express, Pappas, iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, World Market, Chipotle, Red Robin, etc)
*House DVDs - we owned Season 4, but it was stolen when my folks' house was robbed. So any season of House, really...
*Harry Potter movies - I only own "Order of the Phoenix" (5)
*Beedle the Bard
*"We Are Wizards" documentary DVD (find here)

Or things that make me laugh.

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