Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Everyone is a Critic

*Before reading, make sure you read "People Suck", the previous post*

So these thieves obviously dumped out my parent's DVD drawer into some sort of basket, I'm assuming one of the laundry baskets now missing. This drawer included a few of my musicals I hadn't moved yet (knowing that Brad and I wouldn't watch them much - or ever). It also included our ACU Theatre DVDs. I am mildly creeped out that some random guys in a pawn shop now have me in that Gwen costume (as hot as it is).

Here is the real kicker. They left three things from that drawer on our futon:
1) Joan of Arcadia, Season One
2) Heroes, Season One
3) Little Miss Sunshine

What the hey-hey? You stopped and shopped through the choices? And THOSE are what you left behind? You took "Down With Love" and left "Little Miss Sunshine"? I'm glad, of course, because I haven't ever seen it, but still! And you took House, but not Heroes?

Everyone is a critic. I suppose I should brag to Adam and Donna that our tapes were worth taking over Heroes. Niiiiice... except for that whole you-took-our-stuff part.

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