Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY: Printed Candles

Whenever we get close to Christmas, I always start stocking* up on DIY gifts. I especially like to collect edible gift ideas. For this purpose, Pinterest is a lifesaver. You should see my DIY Gift board. Some knick-knacks here and there, some bath and beauty products, but it is probably 75% food. That's how I roll.

I found an idea on there today that looks so simple, even I can (and might) do it! The Shabby Creek Cottage explains how to print any design on to tissue paper and then apply it to a candle. The tutorial is very easy to follow and looks very simple to recreate. But it got me thinking: how can I make it even lazier? Again, that's how I roll. If the trick is to apply tissue paper, why not just buy one that is already printed with a neat pattern? I've seen some incredibly cool and detailed tissue papers before, so I went searching on the gool ole internet.

Wow, guys.

Probably the best one I found is here at the Sample House catalog. This one is already designed to look like old newsprint just like the one used in the tutorial (originally designed by The Graphics Fairy). Check it out:

Newsprint: 24 sheets for $4.75

The catalog has a lot of neat options. I found Bamboo pattern, peacock feathers and this really neat pattern called West Indies which is on sale for $2.50 for 24 sheets!

There are fun patterned papers you can find at almost nay store that sells wrapping papers. I'm willing to bet Target and The Container Store have tons of unique and interesting options. So this weekend just might find me blow drying some pillar candles and checking people off of my list in September - woo, go me! Fingers crossed, and good luck!

*See what I did there?