Friday, September 26, 2008

Daniel Radcliffe well received on Broadway

Normally I would not find this noteworthy enough to blog on, even though I seriosuly heart Daniel Radcliffe and it was always nice to see young actors develop... I decided to write because of this wonderful quote (from Ben Brantley, the reviewer in the New York Times) in this Reuters article:

Brantley noted the similarity between Radcliffe's role in "Equus" and that of Harry Potter with both characters coming of age "in a menacing, magical world where the prospect of being devoured by darkness is always imminent."

An odd, but strikingly true observation. Of course, now I'm just wondering how they will incorporate complete nudity into the Deathly Hallows film...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thank You, Jonathon Larson

A NEW CHAPTER FOR 'RENT'; Final Performance To Hit Screens Nationwide This Week

The final performance of RENT to ever be played on Broadway was recorded by a highly skilled company called and shown in movie theaters for a limited time. I believe there are four days they are scheduled for across the nation. Last night Kelly and I saw this recording at AMC 24. (Read article)

Now, I have seen the live show twice (tours), so I was familiar with the staging and the director choices. Kelly, however, had never seen the production other than the movie made. So much changes from stage to film, and I was thrilled to get to watch her discover this story in a new (and better) light. I was not disappointed. I haven't even listened to that soundtrack in ages; I kind of go through musicals in shifts. Seeing this was like finding something that I didn't know I had lost. We were both so moved. At the end of the show, the cast came back onstage with previous cast members, including some of the originals (I heart you, Anthony Rapp).

There is a tour coming to Houston in April; consider us there. We skipped the last tour: I have seen it twice, and I didn't really want to keep spending money on the same show. I will however lay down some ducets for this show because Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal (the ORIGINAL Mark and Roger) will be in the tour! Sure, sure, they may be getting to old to play twenty-somethings, but who cares! I get to be in the same room as Anthony Rapp! I'm excited about Pascal as well, but the headshot in this article is...unsettling, so my excitement is on hold.

I find it so amazing (and heartbreaking) that Jonathon Larson could create this magic in his last days. His show "tick, tick...BOOM" has some wonderful music, but on the whole it cannot hold a candle to RENT. His stories are so raw, so real. I wish he could have stayed with us; I would love to know the potential he still had, after a success like RENT.

It always makes me think of Eddie Izzard.

"People of Berlin... I am a donut!"

"People of Hamburg... I am a Hamburger!"

"People of Frankfurt..."

You get the idea. So whenever mention is made of Hamburg, I think of Eddie Izzard. Or at least I used to; now I think of my amazing friend Amy with is working on a costume crew in Germany for a touring production of "Porgy and Bess". She wrote this blog about her visits to museums and monuments while in Hamburg, and the photographs are amazing! She has everything from Nazi propaganda to McDonald's endorsements in other languages - SCORE! Some would say those two things are actually similar, but I digress...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Take THAT, Ike!

MY PARENTS HAVE POWER!!! Praise the Lord!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hurray! Hurrah! Huzzah!

The sheriff called my mother today to ask her down to the station to identify some items they believe fit the description of our stolen property! IT WAS OUR STUFF!! Almost all of my mother's jewelry was recovered - HALLELUJAH!! A large pile of their DVDs were recovered, as well, including our ACU shows.

Many prayers of thanks for this blessing; I know it is just stuff, but it was so wonderful to see the relief on my mother's face as she identified rings and necklaces.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prayer Requests

*My parents (who were just robbed) still have no power, as a result of Hurricane Ike. They are projected to have it by close of business tomorrow (Friday, the 19th). Their AC unit looks pretty punished from our neighbor's tree branch.
*Alan and Geri (In-Laws) had some minor damge to their home in Alvin. It sounds liek they ahve been truly blessed. They spent several days in College Station with her family.
*Harold and Pattie (Lacy's parents) lost the front of their barn in Ike. The horses are all OK, but there is damage. Craig and Brandy (Lacy's bro and sis-in-law) have no power, so they are staying with H&P right now.
*Steve and Denise (Steph's parents) had some roof damage during Ike. They have leaking on the second floor.
*Last I heard, Kelly's fam still has no power.
*Grags' Mimi and Popi lost their house.
*Please pray for those all over Houston as they/we trudge through this together. Pray for patience and health above other things.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We have survived Hurricane Ike.
The storm was Friday night. It is now the earliest part of Wednesday, and my parents still do not have power. They are spending most of their free time with us and spending the night at Margaret's. Mom and I still havent gone into work. Our building sustained damage - flooding - so we have been rerouted to another location. However, my mother and I cannot do our jobs without our personal computers, which we cannot reach. PLUS it is extremely difficult to find/reach/buy gas right now, so our "supervisor" finally told us to stay put until that changes. No point in driving across town if you cant get back home, right? At least we are salaried, so we wont lose any pennies over this. Perry's is open, so Brad will start trying to pick up shifts tomorrow.
We spent Saturday night in College Station. I was kind of unprepared, so I had no books to read at night (when I inevitably could not sleep). I ended up reading one of Michael's books... that's right, I finally succumbed to the Twilight series. I got 1/3 through in C.S., then we hit up a Half Price Books on the way home and i bought it. I just finished it about a half an hour ago. She includes the preface and first chapter of book two in the back, and now I am a little bit anxious to find that one. That first chapter (in New Moon) certainly grabs your attention. Maybe a HPB will be open tomorrow... Now, it is no Harry Potter, but I suspected as much.
Lacy and I both have birthdays coming up in November, and we will be turning "One Quarter of a Century", so we want to have a big themed shindig. Im thinking up ideas, somehing that would work for our mixed group of friends. Any of you in Houston or Dallas or Lubbock, please plan ahead.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Want to find out who is going to play what villain in the next Batman movie? YOU BET YOUR AUNT FANNIE, YOU DO!!!

Why I Love "Driving Lessons"

(other than Rupert Grint and Julie Walters)

"Evie swallowed the car key, and now we can't get back until she poos it out."

"I think it's best I stop working for you."
"Oh, why? So you can take up being pompous professionally?"

"Sparing you the details, my tits have turned into time-bombs.'

Monday, September 8, 2008

Grags, we're going on a road trip...

Behold, "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter"

SQUEE!!! I cannot wait until Brad and I return to Disney World in a few years, but he won't be NEARLY as excited as I am about this stop of the trip. Some sources say it will open in late fall of 2009, others reports 2010. I would put my money on 2010. Knowing the way WB does business, they will wait until they will set a date, but then move it back in order to make more money.
I wonder what the rides will be. I have been saying for ages that someone should make a ride based on the carts whizzing thourgh Gringotts!

I Fail at Life

I PROMISE I will finish my Disney World journaling. I should have done it right away while it was fresh in my colander-like memory, but alas. I kept wanting to wait to develop the pictures (see alos, FAIL), but I will hopefully add the Wednesday account this week. Check back to my previous journals by typing in WDW into the search bar at the top. Woohoo, more Mickey on the way!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Everyone is a Critic

*Before reading, make sure you read "People Suck", the previous post*

So these thieves obviously dumped out my parent's DVD drawer into some sort of basket, I'm assuming one of the laundry baskets now missing. This drawer included a few of my musicals I hadn't moved yet (knowing that Brad and I wouldn't watch them much - or ever). It also included our ACU Theatre DVDs. I am mildly creeped out that some random guys in a pawn shop now have me in that Gwen costume (as hot as it is).

Here is the real kicker. They left three things from that drawer on our futon:
1) Joan of Arcadia, Season One
2) Heroes, Season One
3) Little Miss Sunshine

What the hey-hey? You stopped and shopped through the choices? And THOSE are what you left behind? You took "Down With Love" and left "Little Miss Sunshine"? I'm glad, of course, because I haven't ever seen it, but still! And you took House, but not Heroes?

Everyone is a critic. I suppose I should brag to Adam and Donna that our tapes were worth taking over Heroes. Niiiiice... except for that whole you-took-our-stuff part.

People Suck

My parents' house got broken into yesterday. These guys came in by lifting the sliding back door off of its track. We have now added a "patio pin" so that it would be impossible to repeat. I want to say a HUGE and very public thank you to Kelly and her mother Caye (which I manage to never spell right...) for helping and suggesting what to do: Kelly's mom works with locks and security, so she knew just what to do. Many thank to the Dickey/Smith team.

My folks didn't lose a ton of stuff, mostly stuff you would expect:
*all of my mother's jewelry
*both DVD players
*all of their DVDs (except for a few, see following blog)

The more interesting and random items missing:
*almost all of the laundry baskets
*trash cans (for carrying things without suspicion, we suppose)
*our plastic blue cups that literally cost about $0.25 at Wal-Mart
*toenail clippers
And finally, sliced American cheese and bologna. That's right, folks. These guys wanted to make sandwiches on the go.

I know I am forgetting things, but oh well. They left the TVs and the computer, which is nice. They also left behind a HUGE mess, but it was just from emptying drawers everywhere - no broken glass or heinous spills.

We had to take a half day yesterday, so I have a lot to catch up on at work. Please keep my family in your prayers. Also, if anyone could burn the House seasons onto DVDs for my folks it would mean the world. It sounds petty, but it is true. They lost Seasons 1, 2 and 3 and they were borrowing my brand new Season 4 - all gone.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Teen Pregnancy & Sex Education

If forced to choose sides, I would call myself Republican. I am quite sure I have said this before. I have a feeling that it was in reference to a similar issue, also. I want to call myself Republican, but these freaking idiots don't believe in sex education! How am I supposed to vote for a man who believes young, poor teenage mothers have to finish high school or they get no benefits or support? I understand that it is a kind of "tough love" that ensures they will have that education in the future and will have more opportunities because of it. On the other hand, HELLO?!? It is kind of hard to go to class, much less focus, when you are breast-feeding while taking notes! For those young girls blessed with supportive and capable families, they can make adjustments and compromises to leave the baby with family during school hours, but what about the vast majority of unwed teenage mothers that have no such support?

Come on, McCain, pull your head out of your wrinkled bum and face the facts. Tough love with "Christian morals", whether we like it or not, will not fix all of the nations problems. Unfortunately it will exacerbate most of them! Let's be a strong force without being close-minded idiots, shall we?