Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prayer Requests

*My parents (who were just robbed) still have no power, as a result of Hurricane Ike. They are projected to have it by close of business tomorrow (Friday, the 19th). Their AC unit looks pretty punished from our neighbor's tree branch.
*Alan and Geri (In-Laws) had some minor damge to their home in Alvin. It sounds liek they ahve been truly blessed. They spent several days in College Station with her family.
*Harold and Pattie (Lacy's parents) lost the front of their barn in Ike. The horses are all OK, but there is damage. Craig and Brandy (Lacy's bro and sis-in-law) have no power, so they are staying with H&P right now.
*Steve and Denise (Steph's parents) had some roof damage during Ike. They have leaking on the second floor.
*Last I heard, Kelly's fam still has no power.
*Grags' Mimi and Popi lost their house.
*Please pray for those all over Houston as they/we trudge through this together. Pray for patience and health above other things.

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