Thursday, March 4, 2010

LOST According to Allison: Sundown

~First things first: this was SUPPOSED to be a Sun centric episode. You hear me, Lindeloff/Cuse? The centric order has copied Season 1, and this slot in Season 1 was "House of the Rising Sun", about our favorite lost-in-translation Lovely. This episode was called "Sundown", which furthered the belief it would follow pattern. But NO, it was about Sayid. Which was interesting and all, but I am so desperate to understand the flash sideways reality for Sun and Jin, since they don't seem to be married.

~Oh Sayid, why must you never have Nadia? No matter your reality, it doesn't seem meant to be, buddy. Jacob knew it, which is why he saved you, but let her die.

~I cracked up over the intensity of the baseball after that ninja fight. I actually said to myself, "You are lucky my baseball told em to spare your life." I suppose it came around full circle in the end, but still - vaguely lame camera work, dudes.

~Oi Kate! How could you not feel the WAVES of crazy coming off of Claire? You were going on about raising Aaron ("raised by another" - oh noes!) and she is trying to melt your face with her eyes, and you don't even see it! The folks over at Pajiba are chomping at the bit for Kate to die, but for Grags' sake, I hope she doesn't... although I wouldn't mind a bit of butt-kicking from crazy Claire.

~How many episodes do we get that don't have Jack in them AT ALL? Not very many, I'm sure.

~Where is Desmond! Come on, people! It might be one thing if he hadn't appeared AT ALL this season, but to pop in on the plane, and then hide away... too cruel, LOST, too cruel. I NEED to know that Penny and Charlie are OK. I suppose we can hope they are the folks coming to the Island, even though I liked Grags' idea of it being Walt...

~Have you all seen this picture of the LOST cast as the Last Supper? If you need an excuse to spend hours theorizing and researching possible meanings (and let's face it, you do, because you are a LOST fan), go check it out.

~I cannot wait for the Richard centric episode, which is basically going to be "History of the Island" - PSYCHED!!

~KEAMY! Anyone else feel that, for the flash-sideways, the writers are rolling character-named dice to see who pops up where? It was nice to see his creepy/sexy face again, if only briefly.

~And where was the odd moment of recognition we have had in all of the other sideways flashes? People have debated whether or not we had one in the Locke centric episode, but I thought I remembered one... help me out.

That's all for now. Hopefully Grags will be posting some funny videos later of us discussing it.

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