Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST According to Allison: The Package

I didn't take notes as I was watching last night, so I will have to recall as much as I can. I'm sure, once I read the Pajiba post, I will be back with things I forgot. Let us begin:

~Grags told me she and Dee thought the package would be Jin, because they were hoping for a Jin/Sun centric episode... and I ignored their instinct. Shame on Mags...

~MIRROR MOMENT!! Sun got one, and Jin didn't (that I recall) - significance?

~So, they aren't married, but they are in love. And Pappa Paik is pissed.

~MIKHAIL! What a treat! I much prefer this clean-shaven, no eye-patch look.

~KEAMY! Sorry for the all caps expressions, but I love the unexpected visitors. Grags loves her some Keamy hawtness...

~I'm going to call just an ounce of shenanigans on the airport just, you know, keeping the $25,000, or that anyone would just wander out of the airport without a fight for their cash. Obviously, I'm glad it happened that way, because it saved Jin's life. Which makes me very curious about who decided to hold the money.

~The dart scene: at first, I couldn't see anything hitting them, so I was really confused. Then I was scared and nervous. I get so drawn in to story-telling, I almost always feel what the director intends for me to feel...

~OK, another fat dollop of shenanigans. In fact, this is just a mistake (yes, even the creators of LOST make them). When Widmore handed the camera to Jin, the lens was out. And Widmore then tells him to "turn it on". Really? REALLY?!? Whatever, small issue, but it really bugged me.

~I was nervous that "the package" was going to be Ji Yeon, but through the context of the Widmore/Jin convo, that idea disappated.

~When Jin told Sun to move, it felt strange and forced, which made it somewhat obvious that something bad was going to happen to her. I'm betting she is OK, but the incubator might be broken...

~Thanks, guys, for calling him "Mr Hume", because with that lighting and facial hair, I really didn't know. Oh, and BTW, DESMOND?!? A lot of people will say this does not surprise them. That may be true, but they all squeed a bit when it happened.

Off the top of my head, that is really all I have. Here's hoping the Pajiba report blows my mind!

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