Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LOST According to Allison: Dr. Linus

I loved this episode. Absolutely loved it. Sure, several heavy bricks were thrown at my head, but you know what, some people need the bricks. So I just lean to the right and keep watching, intrigued.

~I'm really interested by this theory of whether or not you can die after Jacob's touch. It certainly affects suicide, but death? And did Jacob ever touch Michael? Remember how he couldn't kill himself? I was discussing this with my mother, and the following conversation ensued:
MOM: "So, whatever happened to Michael?"
ME: "Remember, he died in the freighter explosion."
MOM: "Oh, you mean the one that killed Jin?" (meaningful look)

~It was so beautiful to see grace extended to Ben, and for him to accept it. The Biblical allusions are a bit heavy-handed at times, but so well done that I don't mind. He could have followed The Enemy, for fear no one else would have him, but grace appears. It was moving.

~So Ben and Roger were on the Island for the Dharma Initiative... hmm... same timeline as previous? I can't see them magically havign a good relationship. Also, in that timeline, Ben got all changed-up in the Saving Pool...

~I love Miles, but I loved Miles before it was cool. His douchey humor has always tickled me...

~I loved the shout-out to Nikki and Paolo.

~Brain too muchy for much else right now. Maybe more later. Go read Lauren's thoughts for more ideas. If you don't mind language, check out the recap on Pajiba.

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