Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And THAT'S where you lost me...

There are so many arguments for vegetarianism, many of which I can support. I understand that cutting meat out of your diet will help you lose weight (especially the way Americans eat), that it keeps you from absorbing the horrendous additives used in the meat industry. I understand that it will save you, as the individual, lots of money. I understand that it causes you to really think about what you put in your body, which generally leads to better well-being, eating more vegetables and grains, taking supplements where necessary, even encouraging you to exercise more.

Jonathon Safron Foer was on Ellen today, and he was talking about his book Eating Animals. He discusses the effect it has on our planet, on our health and on our economy. All of that I get. Then they had people on who had read the book and changed their lives.
The first woman talked about recovering from breast cancer, and how the foods she had been eating most likely contributed to her disease, and would have caused a recurrence, so she stopped.
I get that. Thank God you were able to make a change in your life, and become happier and healthier.
But then they moved on to the second woman, who said she couldn't look her dog in the face when she sat with a plate of chicken. And I didn't really understand. Then the third guest spoke about how Thanksgiving turkeys are "unloved"...
...and that's where you lose me. There are so many reasons to reduce the meat intake in your diet. I imagine all people could improve their health by analyzing their diet. I am even willing to forgo meat on several meals, for good reasons. But when you try to tell me it is wrong to eat animals, I get very touchy.
Now, do not misunderstand me. I'm not saying the meat industry is not horrendously cruel, because I know that they are. "Oh, this meat will be more tender if we slice it off while the animal is alive" and other such shudder-inducing statements are all over that industry. I am moved by the unnecessary pain and torture that goes on for these creatures. But I have no doubt in my mind that some animals were created by God in order to sustain us. If they were supposed to be our equals, God would have given them souls, and I personally, and strongly, believe that he didn't.
I encourage you to read Jonathon's book, or others like it, because we can all stand to improve our health, and there are many ways to do that. We all have the right to make informed decisions. I'm just saying that "the plight of these animals" is where you lost me.

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