Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LOST According to Allison: Recon

It seems strange, but this being the Final Season has made me slightly less urgent to analyze everything to death. I would ahve thought it would increase that urge, but I think it stems from knowing I only get about 8 more episodes. With no end in sight, I could theorize all sorts of things. Now, I have to qualify everything with "do they have time to explain that?"

Some thoughts:
*I do sometimes get the feeling that these sideways stories are irrelevant to the greater picture but it is still lots of fun to see. It feels a bit Etch-a-Sketch, like they took the same characters but started the story over, which is really fun, even if it turns out to mean nothign. And really, does anything on LOST ever mean nothing?

*I didn't hear it last night, but apparently Miles refers to Charlotte as working at the museum with his dad. Hmm... Apparently no daddy issues in this timeline, like Ben.

*Nice to see Liam Pace, especially since he appears clean.

*Sayid was so CREEPY sitting there while Claire attacked Kate! I imagine his indifference startled Kate as much as the attack.

*Man, Smocke is doing some great twisting and manipulating. You almost have to root for the guy.

*The books on James' dresser: Watership Down, A Wrinkle in Time and Lancelot. (Here's your brick back.)

*Aw, the sunflower made me sad, because it reminded me of Juliet. LAFLEULIET!

*James' speach about choices rang true, as that seems to be a major dfference in this timeline. And I loved his mirror moment, even with the cheesy punch. I'm pretty sure all of the main folks have had a mirror moment in their sideways timeline. I remember Jack's, Kate's, Locke's and I'm pretty sure Sayid had one. Oh, and Ben, in the reflection of the microwave.

*Am I the only one who knew Zoe was a plant the second she showed up? And I bet James knew, too, but he let her play her hand a while.

*When James called Kate "Freckles" at the end, I almost got mad. It has been days since you held your love as she died in your arms. Days. No flirty nicknames allowed, Buster!

I will probably think of more later, but this will do for now.

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