Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LOST According to Allison: Ab Aetrno

Wow... I don't know what I was expecting, but I'm not sure this was it. It was, however, veeeeeery interesting. Some thoughts:
~HELL Island! Pajibans will be on fire! Ugh, accidental pun...
~Is Hurley crazy? Because I thought he was speaking an Asian language at first, but by the end, I got it.
~Canary Islands? Hmm...
~It looks like they were highlighting Luke 4:37 "And the news about him spread throughout the surrounding area." Hmm... by the end, that kiiind of seemed relevant.
~Worst priest EVER! That prison priest was horrible. Maybe he should get a job at Gaga's Prison For Bitches!
~How is that NOT guyliner? I heard a few seasons ago that his eyes naturally look like that, which I believed - until that close-up.
~When the Smoke Monster was moving, Brad said, "I hear bugs..." - trust me when I say, it was adorable.
~I have a feeling lots of people will be disappointed in this episode. It was talked up as being History of the Island, but it kind of feels like an hour of "Richard's life SUCKED!"
~OH! THAT'S what happened to the statue!
~There's that knife again. Hmm...
~I realy hate to admit this, but for the very first time, I see an ounce of merit to the "Jacob=Evil, MIB=Good" argument. Not a strong argument, but still...
~I use a lot of ellipses...
~Absolutely wonderful (albeit brutally obvious) Biblical parallels and metaphors.
~Nevermind, Jacob is pretty obviously good. He just isn't playin' around with Job Richard.

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