Wednesday, March 31, 2010


How can so many people in this world not understand the idea of commitment?

People say "I will be there" or "Let's do (fill in the blank)", but they don't actually intend to do so. I have had this issue with many friends, especially in college. Someone would say "Let's do such-and-such", when what they mean is "Let me think about it".

People wait until the last minute to tell you, or when you call them it comes out as "Oh yeah...", and I am sick of it. If you have plans with me, you have plans with me. We don't have a floating maybe, we have a plan.

I understand that things come up, plans change. I know all about extenuating circumstances. And I'm sure I have been that friend at times. But SERIOUSLY people!

It just makes me angry, and it hurts my feelings. When these things happen, it tells me I am not important to that person. Who wants to feel like that?


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