Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOST According to Mags: The Lighthouse

OK, so here are my random scribbled notes from the past hour:
``Whu? Jack has a kid?
``thank goodness Hurley had a handy-dandy pen
``I can’t wait to read Dogen’s translations.
``I kind of love how easy it is to manipulate Jack these days. Just push a button. It almost feels like someone calls him chicken, and his response is “Nuh-uh!”
``”If there’s one thing that will kill you around here, it’s an infection.” Bah-dum-bum
``I can already hear the jokes comparing Hurley to Palin…
``Theory: Claire will kill Kate
``Way to remind us about Adam and Eve – oh, Hurley caught up.
``Yeah, there was no way he was gonna make it. Im just glad she didn’t lop off his head.
``Dogen! Dogen! Dogen!
``Whyfore do you break the crazy mirror, Jack?
``Baby jears!
``Jin, no! She crazy!
``Yep, she gonna cap her.

So apparently my scribbly notes come out a bit ghetto. Live and learn. I'm going to turn my brain off now and revisit these posts tomorrow, alongside Dan's awesome recap.


Lauren said...

My first reaction to the prediction that Claire will kill Kate was, "OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!"

Out loud.

In my office.

People think I'm nuts around here...

Karma Darling said...

You ARE nuts around here... ::hugs::

And I don't think they will let her kill Kate, but I'm putting down money that she tries.

Way to point out (on your blog) about Kate's number on the dial - didn't see that!