Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grags and Mags Field Day

I had the best Girly/Nerdy Field Day with Grags on Wednesday! Basically we ate all day, painted our nails while watching "Serenity", and talked non-stop about LOST.

For our first breakfast (yeah, you heard me), we had Orange Rolls and coffee. Yes. Ma'am. For our second breakfast, we made Toad-In-A-Hole. I could technically give credit to The Pioneer Woman, since we were looking at it in her cookbook, but it has been a favorite breakfast of mine for years - I learned to make it at Girls Scout camp.

Then we rewatched LOST (Sundown) and talked over questions and theories. We even made videos (after I put on some make-up).

Next we got out my nail polish (very small collection, as I don't do that much) and did self mani-pedis while enjoying "Serenity". Let me just state again for the record: I. Love. Firefly. And thusly, Serenity. I love that Kaylee is about 4 parts Lauren, and 1 part me. I love that Simon is so delightfully awkward. I love that Jayne is so crass, but has a tiny bit of tender hiding under the scum. I love Mal's harsh exterior, his strength to get things done, and his true compass of right and wrong which he fiddles with occasionally. I love Wash. And now, my Harold Perrineau impression: "WAAAAAAAAASH! Waaa-haaa-haaash!!"

The Pizza. Oh, the pizza. We made the yummiest margherita pizza ever in the Verse. Also inspired by PW, but she makes her own crust. We used a store-bought crust, spread on pesto, then rounds of fresh mozzarella, then sliced Roma tomatoes, some red onion and a bit of fresh Parmesan. Oh. My. Stars! Fresh out of the oven, while the crust was still crisp, it couldn't be beat. Later, trying to eat it cold out of the fridge, not so much. So make sure you inhale it all at first sitting! (My health advice, ladies and gents...)

If only she moved to Houston, and we could do this more often. But hey, to my Houston girls, it's not too difficult to twist my arm into taking a day off - whose in?

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