Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LOST According to Allison: Happily Ever After

~Clicks? Radioactive?
~Hmm, Des looked chunky in that last shot before LOST
~OK, commercial break – what on Earth? So, they want to try to… duplicate Des? Isn’t that what they did with the bunnies? Or was it more like sending the bunny in to the future, but in the same place? And for what it is worth (what ep was that? Was it a comic-con feature?), even IF the bunny recognized himself, would he really flip out? Because not to sound racist (speciest), but don’t they all look alike?
~Sacrifice? Are we gonna get a The Prestige ending?
~AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! AH! AH! AH! Mirror moment, too!
~OK, wow. Pajiba is gonna be ON FIRE for this. So… is he time traveling? Because he doesnt seem conscious of the shift…
~Watch out for that brick, MacCutcheon!
~I literally said, “There’s always a choice, brotha” before Des did…
~!!!!!!!!Charlie! What the hell?!?!? (I hate underwater scenes; I find myself holding my breath for an uncomfortably long time)
~!!!! (This episode needs lots of exclamation points…) Consciousness! He recognized the difference – kind of.
~Oh, there better not be bullet fragment from his other universe self…
~Almost got a Charlie up-skirt… soooooo, near-death experience shows you your other life? And btw, the LOST-to-commercial ratio is lame.
~“It’s about time.”(Ellie) – I just bet it is!
~“What happened, happened”(Ellie) – suspicious…
~Oh, I see – she is set apart from the rules, too, like when she told Des not to buy the ring!
~Srsly? Another commercial already?
~UGH! No one cares about "V"!
~(My DVR light isnt on, which makes me super nervous - we shall see...)
~OK, so love is the key to connecting your alternate self?
~I watch too much LOST, becaue Dan's monologue just made absolute, perfect sense.
~The parallels are sometimes fun, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes touching. Count this one as A and C.
~!!!!!!!! Back in Island time?!?
~Kick-A Sayid is scary sometimes. Like now. And Desmond's calm is almost as unsettling.
~"I just need to show them something." EGADS!

OK, apparently Brad stopped the LOST recording, most likely on accident. I'm going to take a few deep breaths, and remember that I can watch it online...

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