Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Update (no Norm MacDonald)

On Saturday we got to see Michael (my lil bro in law) perform in a UIL play. Sidebar: I had no clue that junior high competed in UIL, and neither did any of the folks I mentioned it to. I wonder if it is a pretty new decision. Anywho, we only saw the one show, but they won Best Play, and Michael won Best Actor!!!!! So Congrats to Michael (and his proud fam, me included) on a great weekend.

Saturday night we helped Mom prepare for a tapas party; I have never seen so much food (we cooked 10 different tapas, plus chips and guac, plus cake, plus other food people brought), and I am pretty sure we used every dish/pot/pan we own in the process. Brad was really in his element, though: he was peeling shrimp, cooking (amazing!) steak, frying potatoes, etc. Great fun (and much wine) was had by all! It was a success, although I am glad that the next gathering will be at someone else's house (even though she said she would hire Brad to cook)!

Sunday morning we got up early to go to first service. Why, you ask? because GRAGS WAS THERE! We hosted Soul Link this weekend (we being Bammel) and her church was one that visited. Yea, Grags! I didnt get much time to talk to her, since she was kind of at work, but I should get to see her again in a few weeks. Woot!

Sunday night we met with our wonderful Connection Group (that apparently poisoned Kelly - oops) and we prayed and read our favorite verses. It really is the most satisfying part of our week. We get yummy food, prayer, laughter, fellowship; we are just so spiritually filled! I am excited for us to work towards making every day feel as good as Sunday. Please pray that we make some progress there...

In general, a pretty good weekend. Please pray for our finances (and everyone's, for that matter). Please pray for Mom, who is feeling icky again. And please come see my show in April! More details to follow.

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