Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chick Flicks Your Man Will Watch (and like)

I found a great list on Film Junk, consisting of the Top Ten Chick Flicks That Men Secretly Love. Many of these made sense to me, and several I haven't even seen. I will take this opportunity to embarrass Brad by pointing out a movie that was carelessly left off this list: "The Devil Wears Prada".
10. Titanic
9. Ghost
8. Mean Girls
7. While You Were Sleeping
6. When Harry Met Sally
5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
4. Moulin Rouge
3. Pretty Woman
2. Bridget Jones' Diary
1. Love Actually

Ladies, raise your hand if you have ever watched one or more of these with a man, and he has admitted he loves it. Yep... I thought so.


Erin and Nathan said...

Once I was out of town and Nathan watched my old VHS copy of Titanic... by himself! And our good friend's favorite movie is Moulin Rouge. So yes, I agree with this list :)

Morgan said...

Not only does my man love Moulin Rouge, he sings along. And when he's an opera singer, that's good times right there. Unless you're sitting next to him. Then you're deaf for the rest of the evening. :-)