Tuesday, March 31, 2009


First thing is first: CONGRATULATIONS to my friends Jason and Heather who got engaged this weekend! He was in town to see her dance show, and the video on Facebook is so cute!

OK, so my show opens this Friday night. If you live in or around Houston (or rock like Grags and will make the drive), you should see it. You can reserve tickets by emailing reservations@acetheatre.org , and you can ask for "Cabaret Seating" ($20 each), or "Stadium Seating" ($15 each). It is a small theatre, so I say go ahead and get the cheaper seats...

Rachel is coming home! She arrives tomorrow (cuz she an April Fool) and will be here throughout the month. She is going to be in my show as well, because one of our cast members (the lovely and talented Heather D) will be absent the closing weekend. And I think she is squeezing out some form of "one woman show" as well.

Brad's mom (Amy) called yesterday to ask if I watched American Idol, because Alexis Grace was in her restaurant. So I think I have an autograph coming in the mail from Tennessee. Fun!

I had an excellent Monday, which is a rare feat indeed. I am not holding my breath for an equally excellent Tuesday, but so far, so good. I'm off to get coffee! (and hopefully write a LOST According to Allison, as well)

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