Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RANT: The Morning After Pill

There is a big fuss going down with the FDA and the rules regarding Plan B, the morning after pill. And I kind of feel like it is the wrong fuss.

A pill like this has one appropriate use only: rape victims. This pill should not be used if you forgot a condom, or more importantly, if you don't want to use a condom. There are people in this world - adults, educated, mature adults - who "just don't like to wear condoms". OK, fine, that is your right to decide. If you are in a relationship, and you don't want to use condoms, whatev Kev. But you need to be using some kind of contraceptive, unless you are emotionally and financially prepared to raise a child.

There are people - again, educated adults - who use Plan B as a lazy contraceptive. I'm going to make a bold statement here, so brace yourself. If you use Plan B because you did not want to (or forgot to) use birth control, that decision is comparable to abortion. If you decide to "fix it later", that same thought process can lead to abortion. And if you cannot make those decisions ahead of time, then you probably aren't mature enough to handle the mental and emotional aspects of a sexual relationship.

Aside from the aspect of whether or not it is moral, using this pill, especially with any consistancy, can destroy your uterus. It has very similar ingredients as most contraceptives, but in much higher doses. Over time, if you continue to use this pill, your uterus will get the message: No Babies. So if you have no intention of ever, EVER having your own children, ignore that message. But many women change their minds in life. Surely you've noticed this quality.

This rant will probably piss some people off. No doubt it will offend some. I assure you, my goal was not to offend. I just feel very strongly about the messages that are not reaching the ears they need to reach. Lots of young women will see this as an easy solution: why get a prescription, especially if you need your parents' insurance to do so, when you can buy it over the counter? I just want them to be informed of the risk they put themselves in for the long run.

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