Friday, March 6, 2009

LOST According to Allison: La Fleur

I'm stealing Lauren's idea, but I'm pretty sure she stole it from someone else, so I don't feel so bad...


*On one hand, I am ecstatic that the directors decided to show us a hint of the statue!! I squealed out loud. If nothing else, it is a nod from them that acknowledges that they haven't forgotten about that mystery. The problem is, it IS nothing else. We saw the back of it for a few seconds. Not really a significant reveal, in my opinion. I will say this; the thoguht I could not avoid when looking at it from the back was "Anubis", and later Melissa Anelli theorized (via Facebook status) that Richard Alpert is King Tut. Hmm... an Egyptian connection?

*I wanted to hold poor Daniel and let him have his crazy babble as long as necessary. Poor, potentially creepy Daniel. It made me think of one of the first times we see his character (actually, probably the first), when he sees the news report on finding 815 and he is crying, but he doesnt know why.

*I love the rev-- well, not reversal, but the introduction of Sawyer as a Man of Faith. He kept saying "as long as it takes", which seemed to last at least three years. Other people (ie Miles) wanted to give up after a day.

*I loved that Juliette went all B-A on Amy about the fence, but then she fell for a trick she really should have foreseen. I realize that we, the audience, saw more than the Losties, but come on, Jules!

*Horace seems like such an interesting character. I hope we get to know him a bit better before the Purge. And speaking of which, does anyone else get the feeling that we are really close to that time? I dont know how old Baby Goodspeed is in comparison to Ben, but whoa!

*Where IS creepy boy Ben? Does anyone else have a weird vibe that he is Baby Goodspeed? It would be a cheap trick, seeing as how we have seen Ben's introduction to the world, but I have a solid feeling this baby will be very relevant.

*I still think Miles is going to turn out to be the son of Pierre Chang (Dr Marvin Candle), although where is Chang (timewise) in reference to Horace?

*Im so glad Sawyer and Juliette finally figured it out with their chemistry, but it was so bittersweet since we all knew Kate was coming back. Which brings me to my next point...

*Kate ruins everything. And Juliette should shank her. Seriously, I realize that Kate is hot and complicated - wah - but how can both Jack and Sawyer stay hot for her when a) she crazy, b) she has a worse track record of honesty than either of them, and c) Juliette is also hot, slightly less complicated and speaks Latin! No competition here, boys! Jack, you can keep stinky Kate, but Sawyer wins it with Jules.



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Erin and Nathan said...

Yes, I was a little baffled by the break - YOU PROMISED US IT WOULD BE DIFFERENT THIS TIME, LOST!!! I agree with you about Miles, and am really wondering how things are going to work out with THE PURGE now that our main folks are in a similar time period...ish.