Monday, March 23, 2009

LOST According to Allison: Namaste

OK, so away with the bullet points:
*Poor co-pilot. As soon as he mentioned recognizing Hurley, I knew he was going to die. I did not guess that it would be so gross or painful to see, but oh well.
*Runway on the beach?!? I wonder who decided to build it and when...
*It made my heart sing that Sawyer called her "Kate" at first: Freckles was always such a flirtation device, and Im glad he is at least making an effort to prevent the flood of old feelings. Ooh, I can't wait for this week when Juliet gives her a verbal b-slap... Get her, Jules!
*I really didnt like the interaction of Jin at the Flame with Radzinsky. I feel like he compromised their whole operation by being WAY obvious and secretive (yes, at the same time). Way to cause suspicion, Jin. Especially since your wife is thirty years away... (headache)
*I see the comparison between the Caesar/Lapidus "showdown" and the Jack/Sawyer issue, as to 'who wants to play leader' business, but it felt off. I get the feeling I am reeeeeally not going to like Caesar in the near future (past/present...worse headache)
*OK, Ethan. First of all, nice touch that Juliet got emotional, knowing she would know this man when he died. Don't forget that Ethan (with Alpert) recruited Juliet in "Not in Portland", so she knew him longer than any other Other. But then again, if Ethan is a Dharma person, why is he an Other (read Hostile), as he is present post-Purge? Have I forgotten something about Ben keeping a few Dharma folks around? Poor Ethan; other than that whole kidnapping-Claire, hanging-Charlie business, he seemed like a neat guy.
*One thing that kind of irked me: hurley asks who the president was, and no one answers him. I was certain that meant he would need to know later... never happened. Kind of seemed anti-climactic to me... oh well
*FARADAY?!? Is he actually, physically gone (as in dead/ran away/became a Hostile), or does Sawyer mean mentally gone, as in cracked up over watching his love die from time jumping?
*Phil totally suspects something. Keep an eye on Phil (even though I think he is creepy looking...)
*So I have never understood the whole Christian/Jacob thing. I thought we were supposed to think of him as Jacob, but he always introduces himself as Christian. Is he simply a spokesperson for Jacob? Why can't he ever send Claire to speak; I miss her. He tells Sun, "I'm sorry, but you have a bit of a journey ahead of you." So at least we know there is a reunion planned for Sun/Jin (theoretically). That is almost good news.
*I like Jack and all, but hooray for Sawyer wearing the Daddy-Pants and letting/making Jack take the backseat for a while. I was so miffed wehn Jack went inot Sawyer's home and started sassing him and telling him what to do. You're not the boss anymore, Doc. And you don't have the first clue what to do with these people and their dynamic. Sit down, shut up and learn. And Sawyer was (mostly) mature about telling him so.
*I love how the boy Ben has the same creepy bug-eyes as adult Ben. Nice touch, casting. Im pretty sure, based on the trailer for this week, that Sayid thinks it is his mission to kill boy Ben. THAT should be interesting.
This week's episode is called "He's Our You", which could refer to any number of people. It could be Juliet saying Sawyer is the new Jack. It could be Richard saying Ben is what Locke couldn't be (from the childhood visits). Who knows. Watch and enjoy.

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Lauren said...

The runway on the beach was TOTALLY what Sawyer and Kate were building during the beginning of the third season. When they were hauling and crushing rocks.

I know. Freakin nuts!