Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LOST According to Allison: He's Our You

What I have learned (and really, any avid LOST lover should have noticed by long before now) is that LOST is all about the details. That si why i'm glad there are websites where truly obsessed people can catch all of the truly minute details I completely missed! For random example, did you know that when Rachel (Juliet's sister who had cancer) found out she was pregnant, she was holding a Widmore pregnancy test?

On with the show:

*Young Sayid was so tragically bad-ass. I don't think it makes him "a killer by nature" that he was raised in a place where the realities of the food chain were tangibly enforced. We kill animals all the time for food, but as individuals we have almost no connection to the death of the animal, except for fishing and hunting. Anyone who was raised on a farm knows that killing animals is part of the flow of life.

*Then hott (yes, two t's on purpose) Sayid offed that guy in Russia. Hmm. When he leaves the building, we barely see a sign that translates to say "32 Oldham Pharmaceuticals"...wha?!? Hmm... I assumed that Ben was lying; that these were not "Widmore's people", or at least that they were not dangerous. But now I have to see the obvious connection between that and Senor Creepy in the tent. I will get to him.

*Poor Sayid. When will you learn to stop trusting hot women? I am amazed at the beautiful way you bare your vulnerability to ladies you've known a short time, but as a trained killer and spy, shouldn't you be expecting women to turn on you? Hello, Elsa? You full out loved her, and she still shot you. It is part of your appeal as a character, but it kind makes me want to shake you a bit, too.

*So let me tell you why Houston sucks. As soon as the scene started with Kate, Hurley and Jack in the cafeteria, our local weatherman came on and started going on about bad weather in Conroe - NOWHERE near me - so I couldn't hear any of the dialogue. Again, thank you for the internet! Apparently Hurley stuck is foot way in his mouth talking about Sawyer and Juliet. Thanks, Hugo. I'm glad someone accidentally rubbed it in Kate's face. And I'm kind of glad Jack picked up on it enough to think it funny, but not enough to move into Mopey-Town. We know you love her, Jack. We just don't know why...

*I kind of loved Sayid's reaction to seeing everyone in the airport. And another random fact: Illana teases Sayid that she would buy him a lucky rabbit's foot. That is at least the fourth reference to a rabbit's foot in this show, and I am not counting the numerous (punny?) rabbit's we see in various Dharma/New Otherton experiments. Hurley finds one in "Tricia Tanaka is Dead", and when he comes home and his dad has fixed the Camaro, the keychain has one too. Plus the co-pilot that rescues the Oceanic Six in their cargo plane makes a comment about needing his.

*I love the way Juliet totally stuck a flag in Sawyer without being tacky. It was firm, had an aftertaste of bitch, but really just enough. And I love Grags' term "LaFluliet" or "LaFleuriet", whatever. Fun. Way better than Skate. Blech. If/when Kate snogs Sawyer, I hope he pushes her off... but I'm not holding my breath... sorry, Jules.

*So, Oldham. That guy had the creepiest vrsion of the nice-quiet-old-guy-on-your-street-that-always-waves vibe. He wasn't a creep, he just gave off that vibe - oh, you know what? It was the same vibe as young Sayid killing that chicken. You do what you do, "Just doin' my job". When Sayid tortured, at least on the Island, it was always passionate in some way. This guy was just having another day on the job.

*So, to be fair, I have known since the "Next week on LOST" a week previous that Sayid was going to shoot Ben. Did anyone else think it was obvious? And as for who will heal him, I'm thinking Richard will find him and explain about the Island's healing powers, and/or teach him about Jacob. I don't think this will happen, because it would get old, but I would like it if Ben woke up in the hospital wing (with the 316ers) and "remembered" it, like Desmond did with Faraday's message.

*Speaking of the 316ers, what is up with them? What is Locke doing? How do they find Ben, or does he stumble back wounded? And what will ever happen to the Walt storyline? And where are Rose and Bernanrd? And what the whoolihay happened to Aaron?!? Always more questions than answers, LOST...always...

This week's episode is called "Whatever Happened, Happened", which is a Faraday quote from earlier this season. I really hope it means we are seeing him again.

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Also - Oldham is "Larry" from Newhart!