Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LOST According to Allison: Everybody Loves Hugo

~That voice-over sounds like Pierre Chang – ah, paleontology…
~Why is Hugo's mother so obnoxious?
~Need a date? Find Libby! Find Libby!
~Oh, I spoke too soon. I meant live Libby… in the AltiVerse.
~Whispers? We haven’t heard those in a while. Wait, what? Michael? I’m sure that is supposed to be awesome, but… I kind of think its lame…

**commercial – btw, a 30 second commercial during the series finale of Lost costs almost as much as a Super Bowl spot**

~Has she been awakened to the other life? Does this wake him up? Or is she just a crazy person who has seen him on TV? That would break my heart…
~Yeah, Illana, I totally called that explosion. You were being hella reckless with that bag.
~Look at you, captive Des, lookin all fine…


~I love take-charge Hugo. Even if he has something up his sweaty sleeves.
~Desmond! What are you doing at Mr Cluck's? ::bites fingernails::
~Des, you tricky little minx!
~Desmond is officially my favorite now.
~Oh, is he gonna go all Smoke Monster? (RE Smocke taking a walk with Des)
~HUGO! How on Earth did you get to the Black Rock faster than everyone?


~Poor Hugo, getting yelled at by dead folks.
~YES, Connect Four. Where’s Leonard? (Was that his name?)
~Libby, please say you have seen the altverse we know about… YES! So she WAS awakened, not (merely) crazy!
~Why, in TV and film, do people say “You mean a date?” that way? Every. Single. Time?
~Mystery kid? Wait, different one? Oh, I am excited about this… (Mom's input is same kid, but older)
~I think Hurley might be bluffing about Jacob…
~Well hawt mess, Hugo! Way to step up! "I don't gotta prove nuthin to you, yo!"
~Let me guess, the Oceanic Six will all go one way… hmm, and Frank.
~Well they definitely wanted him to look guilty just now. Wonder what THAT is about. Probably him bluffing.


~Sun still can’t speak English?
~Aha! Oh, Jack knew Hurley was lying. Fun times.
~Oh Jack, you’re learning. What a nice moment... ruined by Hugo!
~!!! Hugo suddenly translates the whispers? So, it’s like Purgatory?
~Hurley's speech gave me a really bad feeling. If Hugo dies, I’m gonna be pissed.
~MEMORY MOMENT! Des, you magician!


~The well? For the donkey wheel? What are you doing, Esau?
~Why am I afraid he is going to push Des in?
~Hurley, ever eloquent…
~Like Smocke needs a weapon, and like Sayid can be trusted right now…
~Oddly poignant moment. OH, black eyes! (edit: I thought he had the blacked out eyes, but I was wrong)
~WHAT THE EVER LOVING HELL?!? I’m sure Ben wrote down the license plate number!
~So, if no one is there to love them, near-death is the other option?

As if that Willy Wonka tunnel song wasn’t creepy already, that just flipped the script!

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