Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I watch Parenthood on NBC, and in general I really enjoy it. But tonight, I had an issue. Probably more than one (siblings discussing fake vs real orgasms, orgasms being discussed so openly on cable, etc), but the biggest one was about Julie and Joel.

Someone, a rather hot and extree-hee-heemely obnoxious creature, hit on Joel, Julie's husband. More than once, I'm guessing. She has no sense of what is and is not appropriate. She tried to kiss the husband one night when they were without their spouses, and if I can make an educated guess, I'm saying it happened more than once. So Julie says they will no longer socialize with her. The problem with that is that their daughters are best friends. Julie responds, "She's five, she will make other friends... I will tell her tomorrow."

Well, tomorrow rolls around, and RudeHotCreature is talking to Julie about signing her daughter up for a pottery class. Julie takes one look at her daughter, who looks so happy with the other little girl, and says, "You know, let's sign them up together" or something to that effect.

No. Just no.

Your marriage is more important, for starters. Why waste precious energy worrying about beautiful, rude harlots if you don't have to? Because you're right, the five year old will make other friends. And in less than a year she will have completely forgotten about it.

I'm not sure why, but the whole thing really bugged me. Like a lot.

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