Monday, April 12, 2010

Making My Day

One of my favorite Monday morning rituals is catching up on IMMD. It is the perfect balance for "a case of the Mondays". Here are some that made me smile today:

Today at the grocery store, the produce guy announced a "sale on asparagus" by singing it to the tune of "Age of Aquarius" over the intercom. He sang the whole chorus and IMMD!

The sign outside of the United Methodist Church said, "God loves ALL people — Get Over It!!" I’m not even Christian and IMMD

My parents regularly watch American Idol on the living room TV on full volume. The other day, I head someone on the show singing and thought to myself how horrible they’re doing tonight and that I’ve never heard someone that bad on the show. I came inside only to see that it was Miley Cyrus singing as a guest star, and IMMD.

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