Friday, April 17, 2009


Thank God it's Friday!!

It has been one of those weeks, friends! Slow going, with a few excellent moments to get you through. And two paychecks this week - woohoo! Brad and I had a lovely evening out last night, which means we must now live like monks for a while. Oh well, it was worth it. Especially the entree!

We tried Amici in Sugar Land. The service was atrocious, the ambience was nice, but it felt more like a seafood restaurant than an Italian restaurant. We got two appetizers: Brad thought they were both "just OK". I thought one (the zucchini fritti) was excellent, and the other (eggplant rollatini) was disgusting. We contemplated leaving before ordering an entree, because the service really was bad. But we stuck through it, and hallelujah for it, because our entree was so fantabulous that I would drive back out to Sugar Land to have it again! We split the Grilled Snapper Agrume. It is actually considered a heart-healthy meal, because it is low in sodium, calories and fat. If all healthy food tasted this good, I could possibly give up fried happy. It was a delicately grilled snapper filet with citrus and mint, on a bed of garlic spinach, with a citurs sauce and orange slices on the plate. Oh. Em. Gee. It was amazing.

Anyway, my point is that IT'S FRIDAY, so everybody clap yo' hands! I have another show tonight, so wish me broken limbs.

And on a fun note, here are random pics I found when I searched "TGIF":

I think this one is amazing, but if that is supposed to look like beer... why is there ice in it?

The caption for this one was, "Today God Is First". I like that, and I think ti is a great way to end this entry. Have a blesses weekend, all!

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