Thursday, April 2, 2009


My mother did not record LOST for me last night!

I know I can watch it online, but who knows how long it will be before I have enough free time to watch it. Certainly not tonight; we are probably staying a bit late at work, and I have to be at rehearsal by 6:50 or so. And definitely not tomorrow night, when I have the openign of my show (and my Grags in town). And maybe not until Saturday mid-afternoon, because I have the Women's Event at church that morning, and a show that night. SHEESH!!

I might not be able to stand the mystery. Watching it is always better, but I may resort to reading the detailed synopsis online... sigh; that will be like drinking warm, flat Dr Thunder instead of Dr Pepper over ice.


Morgan said...

At least it isn't warm, flat DIET Dr. Thunder. Although the thought of that kinda makes me miss Tanda Bear. Ah, Saturdays with Tanda and Smackdown vs. Raw and Little Panda... :-P

Karma Darling said...

Wow, Morgan. You managaed to make me almost cry - and CRAVE Little Panda - at 8 in the morning. Way to go, friend, way to go. Sigh, I miss both bears (Panda and Tanda). We shoudl go out for "chip chinee" ("cheap chinese") soon!