Friday, April 3, 2009

LOST According to Allison: Whatever Happened, Happened

Oh man, that was a good episode. I'm sure there were issues that I will discover as I dig through it, but the feeling that kept coming to the surface was satisfaction. I feel like I got lots of answers and confirmations this week.

*I KNEW IT!! Grags called it WEEKS ago, and I knew she was right: I knew we would see a return of Cassidy Phillips. I did kind of think she would be the one to care for Aaron, but still.

*Roger Linus... first of all, I kind of thought it was strange that he wasn't suspicious of Kate's job placement, when she couldn't even identify/operate a winch (come on, even I can do that!). I realize he felt gypped by his job placement, but most of us actually do have the "skill set" to clean up, where as I could not fix your car without extensive training... unless, you just need to pulled out of a ditch with a winch! Then I'm your gal!

*Several people theorized that Jack would reveal his surgeon colors, and that it would cause suspicion among the Dharma folks, even though no one seems to have been even slightly suspicious about Juliet; she plays doctor all the time now, even though she still works in the motorpool. So I think many people found it... odd that he didn't. For the sake of his cover, it is best that he didn't, buuuuuuuuut, that wasn't his reason. He was kind of a douche about it. Yeah, "Ben as an adult ruins our lives"; sure, "when he grows up he will kill many people"; blah blah blah. I almost understand Sayid thinking his purpose is to kill young Ben. But Jack refusing to be helpful? WTH?

***Side note: If the Others are going to help Ben, and then mentor him through his creepy-teen years, then I have to assume Sayid won't be in that group... Soooo... where does he go from here?

*Kate, for once , I am with you: I don't much like the new Jack either, at least not in that moment. But I love this transformation he has made/is making into being a Man of Faith. If only undead Locke could see him now.

*Thank God for Hurley. He and Miles made my heart sing in this episode! They play so well off each other. I know Miles is a douche, but I still heart him. When Hurley was waiting to disappear, I cracked up. So presh. And the whole convo between the boys (which had a dose of deus ex machina) was funny and informative. And Hugo's reaction to a stumped Miles was beyond perfect!

*According to Lostpedia, "Sawyer catches up with [Kate] and helps her [with Ben] rather than stopping her. He says that he's doing it for Juliet--because Juliet feels it's wrong to let a child die." However, I remember when he said, "I'm doing it for her", and I thought he could have meant Juliet, Clementine, or Cassidy. We can only assume he meant Juliet, so I thought that was a bit presumptious of the interwebs.

*I had about an ounce of worry that the "angry shower scene" with Jack and Juliet would dissolve into a sexual tension thing. THANK YOU, LOST, for being better than that.

*I feel kind of bad for this actor playing young Ben - Sterling Beaumon - because he is carried by at least 4 different people, and half naked. Awkward! Here is an interesting note, though. According to LOSTpedia, his IMDb profile contains spoiler information... I hate spoilers, but oh, the curiosity...

*THANK YOU for finally answering the "what happened to Aaron" question!! And thank you for the answer not being creepy: when Kate told Jack about it ("316"), she was so creepy and final about it that I was nervous she had done something awful.

*Part of me really wanted Sawyer to make a quip about Richard finding a dry cleaner out in those woods. Dude looked spiffed; what is that about?

*So, it felt a little bit convenient that, after this special Island/Jacob healing, Ben would remember nothing. Deus ex machina, anyone? I was, however, intrigued and terrified that whatever this was, it would effectively remove his innocence.

*Loved the sidebar about Ellie and Charles. It is very telling that they are still 'in command' during this time, which really, only makes sense. How else would Ben know him so well? So you have to wonder when did Widmore leave the Island? And was Penny born there? Plus, who is Penny's mother? Is it Ellie? Is she Daniel's half-sister? Hell, is she his whole sister?!

*Oh the Temple. Next week's ep ("Dead is Dead", which of course, it is not...) is about Ben and the Smoke Monster!!!! Maybe part of it will pick up where this one ended for young Ben.

*Locke rocks hard. 'Nuff said.

So, overall, a great episode. I felt like, after answering so many questions, they felt the need to through in some more riddles there at the end. But what else is new. And I am still waiting to see Rose and bernard again!

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Lauren said...

I so agree with you about Jack, but I have faith (because when you boil it all down, I'm still a hardcore Team Jack) that he will let the island shape him. His transformation from Man of Science to Man of Faith is going to be a beautiful thing.