Thursday, April 9, 2009

LOST According to Allison: Dead is Dead

As I predicted, part of the lesson here is that Dead is not always Dead on this wacky Island.

*I really love that, even in an episode meant to somewhat redeem Ben, he is still creepy badass and a heinous liar. It is as if they want you to see that he has layers, but that most of them have gone bad... like a stinky onion...

*I kind of love that Brad William Henke will get to play another badass with no regard for the rules, or so it would appear. He was in a fairly pivotal episode of Sports Night in the first season. He roughed up a woman, an' he should'na messed with her.

*I wonder why Ethan was so willing to kill Rousseau. Was it as a favor to Ben, or because his insides got all evil in his Other transformation? And what did Ben do/say to convince the Dharma children to let their parents all die? Horace seemed like a good enough guy... not like Roger.

*In Season way long ago (I think Season 1), Rousseau said that when her baby was kidnapped, it was preceded by a column of black smoke, which we did not see last night. Now, here are the options: a) she said that as an setup for doing it to Claire (in order to steal Aaron), or b) she crazy! We DO see the column of black smoke when she shoots her pallies.

*So, everyone is trying to decide who they think is the "bad guy" in the Widmore vs Ben debacle. Most seem to be settling on "both", but in this episode they played up Widmore's staunch rules and unflinching indifference to life. Sheesh! Not that Ben came off looking good, what with SHOOTING CAESAR!

*I'm just not sure about Caesar, guys. He has... an eerie vibe. And what is up with it taking two days (ish) for everyone to go all "old western" and start using violence as rule? I guess I never gave Jack enough credit for creating a relatively peaceful community who worked together. Props, Jack, mad props.

*Sooooooooo thanks for the tour of the Dharma Septic System, but what did that nasty pool have to do with Smokey? I'm sure it was designed to pique our curiosity, but I don't really want to know what happens down there...

*So, the Whispers are definitely some sort of security system, but how is it triggered? Where does it come from? Very interesting stuff...

*OK, so we now know that Penny's mom is not an Other, which basically rules out Ellie.

*It was an interesting reversal to see Ben have mercy for baby Charlie after what happened with Alex. It was more interesting to watch Desmond BEAT THE EVER LOVING CRAP out of him!!! Man, Desmond! Completely justified, of course, but whew, that was intense. And I really could have done without the bloody swim visual... but now the question remains: what happened to Penny? And what exactly did she mean by this line, "PENNY: My father and I have absolutely no relationship whatsoever, so whatever-- ". She isn't talking about their blood relation, is she?

*"What lies in the shadow of the statue?" Well, either we actually have gone back in time - as in WAY back - and the statue is still standing, OR it is some riddle password situation to get into the Gun Club. Either way, it was effective at making me wonder.

*Oh Alex. I literally shed a tear as Ben watched his life with her on fast-forward (although, it was mildly obnoxious, seeing as how we had JUST seen all of these scenes...) and saw her die, again. And when she showed up behind him, my mother whispered, "Oh, that is not good." I agreed, and we watched wide-eyed as "Alex" laid the smack down. Oh Smoke Monster, you manipulative genius.

*A piece of my heart broke when Ben said, "It let me live." He sounded disappointed, almost, and it crushed me.

Next week's episode is called"Some Like it Hoth"... apparently Hoth is a planet in the Star Wars universe, but I feel like I have heard of it elsewhere. Although, they DO love their Star Wars references... and next week is obviously Miles centric (SQUEE), so maybe the creatures that live on Hoth can read minds, and/or speak to the dead? Help me out Grags...

AND I predict that we will learn who Pierre Chang's child is; Sun or Miles.

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