Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LOST: Continuity Errors?

So, on LOSTpedia, which I heart, they give excessive details of every character, every prop, every episode. At the bottom of each episode page, they give Trivia, Unanswered Questions and Bloopers and Continuity Errors. I have always said that nothing on LOST is a coincidence or accident, but to be fair, we are all human. Some of these errors are genuine and distracting; say, people standing in completely different places in two close cut scenes, etc.

Some of them, however, have the potential to be purposeful. LOST can be such a mind... trip. Here are a few recent "errors" that could maybe, possibly be on purpose (and we just do not yet know the purpose):

**When Sun, Frank and Ben are walking up to the outriggers, the sand around the outriggers and right down to waters edge shows footprints and unnatural horizontal lines. These would not be present in a real beach environment with no human interaction. The wind and tide would have erased both in little time. **
--- These might exist to suggest that someone is currently living on that Island. After all, the brush laying over didnt look as if it had been there for years. Couldn't it be (dare I say it) Rose and Bernard?

**On the orientation video in the Processing Center, the same video young Ben watched 4 years earlie, Chang can be seen wearing a lab coat with a Swan logo, a very long time before the station was built or named.**
--- I, for one, think that Chang is all over the place; not only in time, but possibly with clones. Why would each video host him with a different name? Maybe those are actually different bodies...

**When Frank and Sun arrive at the dock, the dock seems to be intact. However, the dock had been badly damaged after John Locke blew up the submarine in "The Man from Tallahassee".**
---It could have been repaired by whoever left the footprints.

**The little girl that Daniel presumes to be Charlotte exists in 1974, yet Ben previously mentioned that Charlotte was born in 1979. **
---Daniel doesn't know that girl is Charlotte; he is not in the best state of mind. In fact, if that was not her, and she is yet to come, it would prove me desperate theory that Faraday is still alive!........... oh wait, nevermind:
The March 19, 2009 podcast revealed that the original script for "Confirmed Dead" stated that Charlotte was born in 1970. Damon and Carlton initially said that Rebecca Mader was responsible for the change, though they later admitted that they had changed the birth date as a result of casting a younger actress for the role than they had originally intended. They admit now that it should have been 1970 all along.

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