Tuesday, July 1, 2008

XM 9 = happy

My new car (to be pictured later) includes three free months of XM radio. This is a (genius) ploy to spoil me so that I choose to pay for it later. I do love it, but not for more than $10 a month, which Im betting it costs. I have a few favorites already. XM 20 is "Top Twenty on Twenty" so it is current hits, mnay of which I can enjoy if I dont pay attention. XM 28 is "On Broadway", so that is fun. XM 150 is one of the uncensored comedy channels, so I laugh a lot. But today my joy was coming from XM 9, "The 90's". I listening to this on my way to work and I heard "Mambo Number 5" and it made my day! Seriously, do you remember this song? Not a great work of art by any stretch, but a fun beat and lots of silly memories. It made me think of Thespian conventions, and the dances we went to at Internationals in Nebraska. Ah, youth.

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