Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Final Thoughts on Runway Ep 1

Top Three
Daniel: I loved this dress, even though the plastic sheen made it almost look cheap.
Kelli: WINNER! Not the prettiest thing, but the most impressive and interesting.
Korto: Great use of color, fun shapes.

Bottom Three
Stella: Blech - awful. Lets see if it was a fluke...
Jerry: He is creepy and too full of himself. He reminds me of that older guy from season three who kept saying things "got him off". BYE BYE!!
Blayne: Edgy diaper, bathing suit creature? I hate that he is still here...

I love that I called the bottom three half way through. I very nearly quoted Kelli as the one that gave off the best vibe, but I digress.

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