Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hussy Hayden

We have an addition for my list of People-Who-Give-Me-A-Reason-To-Lose-Respect...please welcome Hayden Panettiere!! I loved her in "Remember the Titans", and she was fun in "Heroes", but JEEZY CREEZY!!!
If you watched this music video on mute it would be offensive enough. Seeing as how she VERY recently put away her Jail Bait badge and shows off her THONG (basically) in there. But then, OH then, you listen to the words.
"It seems like I gotta do wrong
to get your attention
but maybe when i call this man up
you’ll finally start to wake up

I think i’m gonna have to cheat
to keep your eyes on me
but maybe if i make you jealous
you’ll finally start to wake up"

Excuse me? Please, PLEASE let me share this video with you:

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