Thursday, July 17, 2008


How sad that the first truly theatrical thing I do out of college, the first time I actually pull from my wonderful education, is for a puppet show at my job.

Long story short, GE just wrote a fat check to the Texas Children's Hospital - yea GE! In honor of that (or something) a group from my office is going to go perform a puppet show for some of the kids at the end of July. I just got recruited this week, and I got my puppet today. Her name is Linda. She is one of the narrators of the Three Little Pigs story. And she loves to dance!

The script is so bad it makes my tummy hurt. And my hand is cramping. But 'wah', this is what we do. PLUS if I ever audition for Avenue Q I can say I have puppet experience, however limited.

As much as I would like to complain about how silly this is, it is nice to use my gifts. Plus I know how fulfilling it will be when we are at the hospital. We are also going to a few rooms, for kids who cant leave their beds, to read books and stories. Hopefully sans-puppet, but we shall see. I just really hope this can be a blessing for those children and for the staff.

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