Monday, July 14, 2008

Dream Destinations

List of destinations I aspire to explore:

*Castle Drogo (in Devon, outside of Exeter)

-Some believe that it was named after Drogo Baggins, father of Frodo (LotR). I feel a strange connection to castle ruins surrounded by green landscape. I have two coffee table books of Bird's Eye View of England and Scotland; it almost makes my eyes water. Truly, the weird thing is the vague feeling of nostalgia... seeing as how I have never been.

*Dubrovnik, Croatia

-Did you know that the tie was 'invented' in Croatia? It was originally called the cravat, which is derived from "hrvat" which means Croatia. It made its way to France during the 30 Years War in the 17th century, where the French adopted the style. Of course, the tie has little (or nothing) to do with my desire to visit. My main reason is the beautiful culture, specifically the street acapella and fascinating alcohol. Plus I would love to see the church Bammel has helped establish.

*Brussels, Belgium

-I would be lying if I pretended that beer was not my main cause for desire in this case. They have hundreds of different beers; they have a beer for every palette For example if you prefer sweet drinks, try this: set a shot of apple schnapps on fire, then pour apple beer over the top (Flamme de Biere). Only in Brussels, am I right? I must go to Delrium Cafe...


-Well, do I need to explain it? It is gorgeous.

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